A Webcast Wynton Marsalis concert with Cornell Ensembles

Here is a link to the webcast of the live performance from Wednesday March 28, 2018 in Bailey Hall. https://www.cornell.edu/video/wynton-marsalis-jazz-performance-2018 Revised version of Wynton Marsalis’ Blues Symphony performed by the Cornell Symphony begins the program. A.D, White House Professor Wynton Marsalis also performs with the Cornell Jazz Band and Cornell Wind Symphony on the second […]

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Welsh National Opera: Music Staff (Conductor/Repetiteur)

We are currently seeking a Music Staff (Conductor/Repetiteur) to work as a member of our highly skilled music staff. You will coach singers and assist conductors with all aspects of musical support for productions, rehearsing covers/cast changes and playing during performances in Cardiff and on tour, both mainscale and with the Youth and Community Department.  […]

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