Who is Michael Dittrich?
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Michael Dittrich was born in Silesia and studied Violin at the Music Academies of Detmold and Vienna. Since 1970 he has been a member of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and his approach to conducting has been strongly influenced by his many years as an orchestral musician. His interest in conducting was aroused by the renowed conducting pedagogue Hans Swarowsky under whom he played an later studied. Teachers in Vienna included Karl Österreicher, Ottmar Suitner and Josef Mertin, further teachers in Italy Franco Ferrara and Carlo Mario Giulini. Michael Dittrich has conducted leading orchestras in Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland. In 1992 he became the First Guest Conductor of the State Filharmonic Orchestra in Szczecin. In 2000 he was awared the Golden Honorary Cross for Science and Art for his artistic achievements by the President of Austria. His CD recordings have been awarded numerous prices including the ‘Grand Prix du Disque’ Paris, ‘Recording of’special Merit’ USA as well as the ‘Diaposon d’Or’ Luxembourg. In 2006 M.Dittrich was apointed for vice-president of the “Vienna Mastercourses”.

CD recordings by Harmonia France, Gramola Wien, Preiser Records, Slovart, Marco Polo und Naxos.

The website does not provide any info regarding price, nor schedule nor how many participants will be accepted.


BUDAPEST 21.8. – 1.9. 2009
mit dem / with the
Duna Symphony Orchestra Budapest
und / and

Wiener Symphoniker
Member of the
Vienna Symphony Orchestra

Beethoven, Symphonie Nr. 4
Haydn, Sinfonia Nr. 100 „Military“
Ravel, Rapsodie espagnol
Stravinsky, Symphonie in C für Orchester
Weber, Oberon, Ouverture
Strauss, Die Fledermaus- Ouverture

Information & Anmeldung / Information & Registration:

Anmeldeschluß/Application Deadline 17.7.2009

Prof. Michael Dittrich
Kübeckgasse 16/7, A-1030 Wien
E-mail: prof.dittrich@utanet.at
Mobil: +43 699 1020 8000


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