Ravel/Nieweg Daphnis and Chloe Suite II – 1989/1998 (2001) edition Kalmus A6754.

This is from Clinton Nieweg who is a great resource.
The posting is from Orchestralist, another great resource.

Kalmus does now publish my Percussion Score form part. They have told EMS that they put a copy in every set with permission for the customer to reproduce as many as needed. It is a 9 page computer engraved part that includes all percussion except the Jeu de Timbres music. By using this part less percussion players need to be hired, if they can double on several instruments. The 7 original percussion parts plus the Jeu de Timbres part are also included in the set.

I will be making corrections on it as I re-proof all parts for a future reprint of the whole edition.

Hint to avoid stopping the first rehearsal:
In all publications all wind parts of Daphnis Suite II must be marked that the Suite starts at Reh.155 not Reh. 153.


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