Christopher Kendall Reappointed to a Second Term as Dean (at University of Michigan School of Music)

Christopher Kendall Reappointed to a Second Term as Dean

February 2010

In late December, Teresa A. Sullivan, University Provost, announced the reappointment of Christopher Kendall as Dean of the School of Music, Theatre & Dance. Kendall joined the School in the fall of 2005 and has been reappointed to a second five-year term.

In the announcement, Ms. Sullivan described Kendall as “a tireless advocate for the arts, effective and inspirational in enunciating a vision of the arts as integral to the life of the University.” With his fellow deans on North Campus, Kendall inaugurated the Arts on Earth initiative, which has encouraged interdisciplinary work among the arts. Said Sullivan, “[Kendall] has fostered a climate of openness that allows the School’s community to think creatively and passionately about aspirations and goals and the means to achieve them.”

Under Kendall, the School of Music became the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, a name change intended to more accurately reflect the reality of the School as it is today. “Since becoming dean,” Sullivan added, “[Kendall] has set priorities … that balance performance and scholarship and has sensitively steered the School with respect for both tradition and innovation. He has a deep understanding of the ways in which a school of performing arts can be relevant in a changing world and the importance of diversity to the vibrancy of the School. Dean Kendall cares deeply about the School’s students and the quality of their education and about empowering all members of the faculty and staff to provide that education.”

Congratulations to Dean Kendall.


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