Baton passed to new maestro(Alton Symphony Orchestra)

Baton passed to new maestro
May 31, 2010 4:33 PM

ALTON – The Alton Symphony Orchestra has announced that a new conductor will be stepping onto the podium this season.

Leon Burke III was one of the four guest conductors who the orchestra auditioned over the last year.

“We’re very excited about hiring Leon,” said Jerre Honke, president of the board, as well as a cellist in the orchestra. “He’s so enthusiastic and charismatic; he’s full of fresh ideas.”

An experienced conductor, Burke, 55, is equally thrilled to be given the leadership opportunity.

“I truly believe God meant for me to do this,” he said. “The schedule meshes perfectly with my other commitments.”

In high demand, Burke also is the music director of the University City Symphony, the assistant director of St. Louis Symphony Chorus, the conductor of the Metropolitan Ballet of Topeka, Kan., and the principal guest conductor of the National Orchestra of Paraguay.


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