the International Conducting Masterclass of MÁV Symphony Orchestra led by prof. Ilona Meskó

the International Conducting Masterclass of MÁV Symphony Orchestra led by prof. Ilona Meskó.

Prof. Ilona Meskó is a recognized and well-known conductor, composer and pianist in the Hungarian music scene, founder and leader of Ventoscala Symphony Orchestra (Budapest). She has built up a massive repertoire as a conductor from baroque to contemporary, and has a 10 year experience in teaching and lecturing.

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led by prof. Ilona Meskó

August 29 – September 6 2011 Budapest, Hungary, EU


List of works:

Vivaldi: The four seasons

Grieg: Holberg suite

Beethoven: 1st symphony

Mendelssohn: Hebrides overture

Brahms: Violin concerto in D major

Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet fantasy overture

Dvorak: 9th Symphony (From the new world)

Debussy: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun


Lessons with piano accompaniment (4 pianists) and orchestra every day. Altogether 120 minutes with pianists and 80 minutes with orchestra are available for each participant.

Prof. László Stachó, music historian and psychologist is going to give a lecture every day concerning the following topics:

reviewing composers and their works listed in the curriculum
stress management in the conductor profession
development of musical imagination
attentional styles, alternating attention, concentration

Aim of the course:

Bringing the art and technique of conducting to perfection – examining Hungarian and Russian schools, personality improvement, social and psychological studies (focusing on exquisite communication with the orchestra)

Active participants are required to be prepared of each piece.


The best performing participant conducts the MÁV Symphony Orchestra in the final concert in the Hungarian National Museum on 6. September 2011. with the following programme: Brahms: Violin concerto in D major, Dvorak: 9th Symphony (From the new world)
Tuition fee:

Active participant € 750, Passive participant € 200

deadline: 28. April 2011.

contact: Mr. Ákos Lustyik, assistant:

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