Norwalk Symphony’s New Conductor: Jonathan Yates

Norwalk Symphony’s New Conductor: Jonathan Yates

Jonathan Yates, the new conductor and musical director of the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra, wants the orchestra to have stronger ties with surrounding towns and with local churches, schools and community organizations.

The Norwalk Symphony Society has announced that Jonathan Yates will replace Diane Wittry as the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra’s newest conductor and musical director.

“I felt he, at this time, is best positioned to lead NSO in a vertical way that will connect with our loyal base of fans and open doors to many new ones,” said Emil Albanese, the president of the board of governors. “It was a very difficult decision because of the level of talent the position with NSO attracted. I feel very lucky that we were able to attract Mr. Yates.”

Yates was among three finalists for the job who were part of an “American Idol”-like event at the Norwalk Concert Hall last month in which each conducted the orchestra.

What he wants to do

In an interview that night, Yates said he’d try to strengthen the orchestra, which has had financial problems severe enough to lead to canceling the tail end of the last season (a final replacement concert was presented in May). Yates said he would do so in part by “getting soloists that are thrilling” and “other guest artists who are really exciting” to spark the publics interest.

Yates said he also wants to have chamber concerts in the communities surrounding Norwalk and create partnerships with community organizations, such as church choirs and schools.

“It’s a matter of really extending the Norwalk Symphony’s reach and bringing in a wider audience,” he said.

“It’s a matter of really extending the Norwalk Symphony’s reach, and bringing in a wider audience.

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