Conductors seminar in Guangzhou

Demonstration choirs are preparing – 80 voices waiting for conductors

 Two famous choirs from Guangzhou are available as demonstration choirs during the conductors seminar in March 2012. It’s the mixed choir South China Experiment Art Association Choir and the South China Art Female Choir. The conductors seminar is taking place from March 12 to 17, 2012 in Guangzhou, China.

The individual conductors will work with roughly 80 singers and practise a repertoire including various periods of Western choral music. “A great opportunity for all interested choir masters,” Christian Ljunggren knows from experience. Ljunggren, artistic director for INTERKULTUR, is mainly responsible for this seminar from INTERKULTUR’s pedagogical series.

In December 2011 a choir sang for INTERKULTUR representatives during their stay in China, as reported elsewhere. They visited South China Experiment Art Association Choir and its conductor during a rehearsal. Talking to the choir master the repertoire for the seminar week in March was discussed and the scores were handed over. Rehearsals for upcoming performances and activities have started already, as project manager Judit Gaál reports after coming back from China. Both choirs are well-known not only in China but also they performed on various stages of international renowned houses, as in Europe, USA, Hong Kong or Macao. Also they performed at official occasions in front of international representatives, for example during the 2008 Olympic Games in Peking.

The choir conductors seminar is taking place in the rooms of Cyong Hua Cultural College in downtown Guangzhou (Canton). The college is both venue of seminars and workshops as well as accommodation during these days. Find here more information on the schedule.

The seminar is held in collaboration between the city of Guangzhou and INTERKULTUR China. Totally 100 participants from China are expected to come, but also guests from other Asian countries are welcome. In recent years INTERKULTUR organized five seminars with international choral experts already. Western choral music is increasingly well received in the Chinese everyday choral life and is waiting to be explored and practised.

The seminar is kick-off event for an upcoming INTERKULTUR event in Guangzhou, the 1st Xinghai Prize International Choir Championships in November 2012. Then this series of seminars is going to be continued as well (November 11 – 14, 2012).

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