CONDUCTING 21C: Musical Leadership for a New Century – Eric Ericson International Choral Centre


This course aims to prepare conductors to be musical agents of change through aspiring for both social justice and artistic excellence. The course is for emerging and experienced conductors who can gain expertise in working with people creatively and compassionately.

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    Participants will have opportunities to work with
    the following acclaimed choirs;
    Workshops and master classes will take place
    in the following areas:
    • Conducting gesture and communication
    • Approach to socially responsible work
    • Processes for intercultural collaboration
    • Broad base of repertoire
    • Strategies for song leading
    • Experimental and improvisational processes
    • Vocal and choral techniques

In addition, participants will have free access to all events in the Music and Humanity Symposium including seminars and concerts.


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