Bloomington Symphony Orchestra: Artistic Director and Conductor

Job title: Artistic Director and Conductor

Organization/orchestra name: Bloomington Symphony Orchestra

Duties and responsibilities:

The Artistic Director is responsible for the musical growth of the orchestra. He or she is expected to:

Determine the Orchestra’s repertoire. Working with the Orchestra Committee, design programs appropriate for an all-volunteer orchestra that are also attractive to audiences.

Work with the Orchestra Committee and Executive Director to identify, select, and schedule performances in venues in Bloomington and the surrounding area.

Collaborate with the Orchestra Committee to identify and hire guest soloists to perform with the Orchestra.

Lead rehearsals (both for the full Orchestra, and, as needed, for individual sections) to ensure a high quality of performance at each concert. Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays from 7:00 until 9:15 pm.

Work with the Personnel Manager to recruit and audition new players for the Orchestra and determine seating for each concert.

Coordinate his/her efforts with those of other paid staff and volunteers to ensure that all aspects of the performance proceed as planned.

Publicize the Orchestra through press interviews and public appearances. Work with the Marketing and Development Committee to promote the Orchestra and its programming to the general public.

As needed, engage in fundraising activities, including direct mailings, special fundraising events, and donor outreach alongside the members of the Marketing and Development Committee.

Actively engage with and promote a good working relationship with instrumental music teachers in Monroe and surrounding counties.

Present status reports to the Board of Directors at their monthly meetings.

Serve as Chair of the Orchestra Committee, and participate in other committee(s) that would benefit from his or her presence.

Work with the Board to determine budget items related to performances.


Our ideal candidate demonstrates:

Excellent conducting and rehearsal skills
A strong work ethic
The ability to collaborate with musicians from a variety of backgrounds
Enthusiasm, energy, and a true commitment to our organization
A focus on partnership, both with the orchestra and its board

Preference given to those within an hour’s drive of Bloomington, Indiana

Compensation: $1,250 monthly stipend

*Organization/orchestra description:

Now in its 44th Season, the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra is an all-volunteer group which performs eight concerts per year. The BSO also engages in educational outreach work throughout the community.

*City: Blooomington

*State: Indiana

*Application deadline: 09/15/13
*Date to remove: 09/16/13
*Apply to name: Donna M. Lafferty, Executive Director
*Apply to email:
Phone: (812)331-2320
Organization/orchestra web address:

Application procedure:

Applicants are asked to submit a resume and cover letter to Executive Director Donna Lafferty via email to

Optional: Links to video examples of your conducting.

Candidates who qualify for the 2nd round in this process will be asked to submit more detailed information at a later date.


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