Conductors’ Academy 12th International Masterclass 15-22 April 2014, St Petersburg, Russia

Conductors’ Academy 12th International Masterclass

15-22 April 2014, St Petersburg, Russia



Dates & Structure

Wednesday March 27 – Wednesday April 3 (inclusive)

“Great, absolutely phenomenal days”  – 2013 Participant

“St Petersburg masterclass was a great experience!”  – 2012 participant

This is a small class designed to provide an opportunity to really develop technical skills and understanding. Working with key works from the symphonic repertory, we also aim to provide a significant experience of working with a professional orchestra of high level, both in rehearsal and concert.

The piano lessons provide a perfect forum for detailed discussion of the musical and technical issues relating to the programmed works, as well as providing an opportunity for personal technical development. After each section of the programme has been studied with pianos, ample orchestra time is provided to gain real experience of these important works – two 30-minute sessions for each section of the programme. The addition of the rehearsal and concert make a total of over 135 minutes allocation for each active participant.

Our objectives are that participants leave with strong and positive ideas how to move forwards, a DVD of an effective performance with a good professional orchestra recorded in high quality audio and video, and some really strong friendships arising from sharing a challenging and inspiring process with others.

Course Outline
Date Time Event
April 15 10.00-17.00 Introductions, explanations, discussion
April 16 10.00-13.00
Technical discussion
Piano Lesson I
April 17 10.00-14.00
Piano Lesson II
Orchestra I(a)
April 18 Morning
Orchestra I(b)
Video analysis
April 19 10.00-14.00
15.15 -18.15
Piano Lesson III
Orchestra I(c)
April 20 10.00-14.00
Piano Lesson IV
Orchestra II(a)
April 21 Morning
Orchestra II(b)
April 22 Afternoon / evening Rehearsal & Concert



Jonathan Brett



St Petersburg State Hermitage Orchestra


Orchestra I & II  
Beethoven Symphony No 7
Beethoven Overture Coriolan
Mozart Symphony No 41 Jupiter
Orchestra III & IV  
Brahms Tragic Overture
Tchaikovsky Symphony No 4
Wagner Overture Tannhäuser


St Petersburg, Russia

The city where Malko, Rabinovich and Simonov all studied and the spiritual home of this school of conducting. And, by the way, one of the world’s great cities!

Classes and rehearsals

Venues vary – but central – and will be notified on arrival.

Accommodation & meals

Not included but the Peter the Great Music Academy can help with all aspects of attendance – visas / accommodation etc.


The official language for this class is English.   If you have doubts about your ability to learn effectively using English please note this on the application form and we will try to provide language support.



Active participant – €2,000 / Passive participant €700.



If you would like to apply please complete the form overleaf or online at:

Applications for active places other than from previous participants must include video material and additional supporting documents (cv, recommendations, reviews etc.) which should be sent to Ideally video material should be provided via a link to youtube or similar (you can set up a private page if you don’t want it to be visible to anyone else) or by file transfer (from a service like Please do not email video material or send by post.


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