Florence Conducting Masterclass will be held in Villa Castiglione from 1 until 6 September 2014

We are proud to announce that Florence Conducting Masterclass will be held in Villa Castiglione from 1 until 6 September 2014.
This year’s program focuses on classical and early romantic symphonies on the first part of the course and on the great romantic repertoire on the second part.
Although Florence Conducting Masterclass is not a competition, as every year we will select some student that will be enrolled in the following seasons of Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina and Toscana Classica, we strongly thing that this is a unique opportunity for young conductors to show their talent and develop their career.

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The masterclass is directed to young conductors who want to increase their musical experience and work as professionals in the world of classical music. The course is as well opened to every musician who wants to begin studying conducting making practice with a real stable orchestra.

Objectives and opportunities: the course aims to facilitate the entrance of young conductors in the professional world of classical music, giving them a concrete career opportunity. The teacher M° Lanzetta will select some between the best students that will be enrolled as conductors in the 2015 seasons of Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina and Toscana Classica.
On the final stages of the masterclass there will be present agents from important international artists agencies.


Some account from our past students


I came to Florence for this masterclass and it has been one of the best experiences in my entire life.
Jason Ikeem Rodgers, Philadelphia(USA)

This is a great opportunity to make experinece on podium with a professinal orchestra that has its own season since 30 years. The artistic level is very high.
Beatrice Venezi, Lucca (Italia)


Has horn player in Tokio Symphony Orchestra I have lots of experience, in this course it is possibile to develop experience as a conductor in a wonderfull environment and with a very good teacher. 
Masahiko Salamoto, Tokio (Giappone)


I think that this is a great opportunity exspecially for the great amount of podium time with the presence of the Maestro. There are also students form the whole world from wich I learnt very much.
Yun Song, Singapore


It’s great to make music with such great musicians and to learn from the Maestro so it’s a pleasure to be here.
Robert Franz, Boise (USA)


It’s a really good orchestra we can play with and a really nice atmosphere here. I enjoied a lot, I am learning every time I conduct so it’s really great to be here.
Pieter Van de Wulp, Groningen (Holland)


Very good masterclass I can learn lots about new stuff and meet new friends and make lot of experience.
Zhang Hexiang, Guangdong/Vienna (China/Austria)

It’s a very good experience anda very good orchestra, seeying the teacher and the other conductors is an amazing opportunity.
Maria Pilar Lopera, Arequipa (Perù)

It’s great to be here and to practice with a real professional orchestra and learning in such an informal and relaxed atmosphere.
Peng Tow, Singapore

I’m very ahppy about this course with Mà Lanzetta and the other students.
Hiroshi Sekiya, Kyoto (Japan)

It’s my first masterclass as conductor and it’s been very good to be here, a very good experience.
Nuno Sa, Ramada (Portugal)

It’s a great pleasure to be here with such a great orchestra and Maestro Lanzetta, so much to learn here. 
Leonard Kwon, USA/South Korea

It’s been a tremendous opportunity to be here and observe all the other super-musicians here and M° Lanzetta. And the food is wonderfull !
Nicholas Carey, Valencia (California,USA)

It’s a good opportunity to be here, with this very good orchestra and M° Lanzetta it is really possibile to make practice, wich is so important for us.
Fabio Abbà, Torino (Italy)


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