Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra Assistant conductor

Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra



Position:   Assistant Conductor


Overseen by:  Music Director


Works with:  Chorus, section leaders, accompanists, guest artists  


Job description:  The BCCO Assistant Conductor serves as the primary artistic support staff to the Music Director in all rehearsals and concerts during the BCCO season. He or she is expected to have had a minimum of three years’ experience in assisting or directing vocal and/or instrumental ensembles. He or she will be knowledgeable, personable, self-sufficient, and detail-oriented, and will work with the artistic staff to provide a high level of musical expertise for BCCO. He or she will run sectionals and rehearsals as necessary, and may conduct works during the season at the Music Director’s discretion. The Assistant Conductor will be overseen by the Music Director and will work with all members of the BCCO community. The appointment is for one year at a time, with a maximum of three consecutive years. Keyboard or instrumental skills are a plus.


Essential functions:  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

♪ Attending and assisting the Music Director with the musical preparation of both the chorus and the orchestra at all rehearsals and concerts
♪ Directing warm-ups at the discretion of the Music Director
♪ Running and conducting sectionals as needed
♪ Possibly conducting selected repertoire during the season at the discretion of the Music Director
♪ Communicating as a “spokesperson” with various stakeholders associated with BCCO
♪ Attending all BCCO events as needed and assisting the Music Director in performance of his responsibilities
♪ Serving as a liaison with guest artists and assisting with guest soloist rehearsals
♪ Aiding with chorus recruitment

Candidates must demonstrate:

♪ Excellent musicianship skills
♪ Experience leading vocal and/or instrumental ensembles
♪ Excellent organizational and communication skills, both written and oral
♪ Ability to work effectively with a diverse team of singers, board members, and artistic staff 
♪ Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines
♪ Ability to communicate effectively with multiple constituent groups, including the general public, partner organizations, guest artists, donors, etc.
♪ Ability to embrace, embody, and reflect BCCO values such as excellence, community, and creativity
♪ Flexibility, creativity, and innovative approaches to problem solving
♪ Interest and ability to be a motivational role model for BCCO singers and players
♪ Ability to work under frequent observation


Compensation:  Annual salary, $2500–$3500 


Required documents: CV/Resume – including 3 references and a cover letter


For a PDF of Job Announcement click here


Deadline for submissions: April 15, 2014  


How to apply:

1.   Electronically (preferred), by filling out this form, and uploading the required documents
2.   By sending the documents to:
Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra re. Assistant Conductor 
P.O. Box 310 
Berkeley, CA  94701-0310  

Please note:

1. At a later date, we may request a video of you conducting an ensemble. 
2. Materials will not be returned.
Send inquiries to: mluke at 

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