Conducting Masterclass with Prof. Johannes Schlaefli from 19.08.2014 to 30.08.2014

Conducting Masterclass
with Prof. Johannes Schlaefli

from 19.08.2014 to 30.08.2014

The conducting masterclass is designed for professional conductors and advanced conducting students. The teaching will be done by Prof. Johannes Schlaefli. In order to enrich and intensify the course, the conductors James Lowe and Nayden Todorov will also be there to give additional feedbacks and lessons. 

There will be a maximum of 16 active participants, each of which will have podium time of approximately 170minutes. Additionally, there will be conducting lessons, working with two pianos and with small ensemble (15 players). 

The individual needs of each participant will be covered by personal video analysis lessons, class meetings and of course the coaching in front of the orchestra. Conducting technique, presence in front of the orchestra and understanding of the score to be able to prepare the conducting in concert will be adressed both in individual lessons as well as in the group meetings. 

As part of the course, two public concerts are planned for the participants, at each of which 8 of the course graduates will be actively conducting. The whole course repertoire should be completely prepared. The allocation of the pieces or movements to be conducted in concert will be made during the course. An appeal against this decision is not possible. 

The masterclass will be accompanied by similar masterclasses in opera singing and violin. During the two weeks of the course, there will be opportunities to accompany young singers in the orchestra rehearsals. 

As a ceremonial completion of the course, a gala concert conducted by Prof. Johannes Schlaefli and with the soloists Mr Svetlin Roussev and Mr Boiko Zvetanov will take place on the 30st of August. 

All the participants will find their accomodation in a centrally situated 3*** hotel with single rooms. Costs of accommodation with breakfast and lunch as well as transfer from and to Bucharest airport are included in the course fees. 
Check-in 18.08.2014, Check-out 31.08.2014 

The applicants will also have the chance to get a price reduction for the course. There will be a maximum of three conductors to participate for a reduced fee (2x 25% and 1x 50% reduction). If you want to apply for this scholarship or if only such a scholarship enables you to participate at the course, please mention this at the corresponding place on the application form.


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