Akron Symphony Orchestra: Assistant Conductor/Youth Symphony Music Director

Assistant Conductor/Youth Symphony Music Director

Company: Akron Symphony Orchestra
Location: Akron, OH
Date Posted: July, 1 2014
Source: 4EntertainmentJobs
Duties and responsibilities: The Assistant Conductor serves as the primary artistic support staff to the Music Director in all rehearsals and concerts during the Akron Symphony Orchestra season. S/he will be knowledgeable, personable, self-sufficient, and detail-oriented and will work with the artistic staff to provide a high level of musical expertise. S/he may conduct works during the season at the Music Director’s discretion. As the AYS music director, s/he will work in close collaboration with the Akron Symphony’s Education Coordinator, Education Committee, Director of Artistic Operations, Executive Director, and Music Director to ensure effective artistic development of the orchestra. S/he must also have high musical expectations for the orchestra members as students engaged in a physical, musical, and emotional process. S/he must show a strong commitment to music education and articulate its importance to the students, their parents, and the Greater Akron community. This position reports to the Music Director and the Executive Director of the Akron Symphony Orchestra and serves as an ex-officio member of the Akron Symphony’s Artistic Policy and Education Committees. All required duties will be carried out in a professional manner consistent with policies, procedures, goals, and objectives established by the Board. Job Duties and

Akron Symphony Orchestra Assistant Conductor:

*Covers all ASO rehearsals and concerts: prepares all scores in the ASO season repertoire to ensure readiness to step in for the Music Director or a guest conductor in the event of illness, emergency, or other circumstances that prevent their appearance.
*At the discretion of the Music Director, conducts selected ASO concerts.
*Plans, programs, and conducts ASO Concerts for Kids in consultation with the Music Director, Director of Artistic Planning, and education staff. These concerts require an understanding of the necessity of a developmentally appropriate program.
*Participates in other on
– and off-podium mentoring activities with the Music Director to support career development.
*Represents the ASO in speaking engagements and other public relations activities as assigned by the Music Director or Executive Director. Akron Youth Orchestras
*Serves as Music Director of the Akron Youth Symphony (AYS).
*Oversees the activities of the Akron Youth Philharmonic (AYP) in conjunction with its conducting staff.
*Oversees the AYS Chamber Program, including annual formation of ensembles and selection of ASO coaches.
*Manages all administrative aspects of the AYS program, including budgeting, additional fund development, marketing, and communication (both internal and external).
*Plans the full AYS season including sectionals, rehearsals, concerts, master classes, and other AYS activities, in collaboration with the Director of Artistic Planning.
*Plans, programs, and executes all AYS rehearsals and a minimum of four annual AYS concerts (fall, winter, AYS/AYP side-by-side, spring).
*Selects works with artistic merit to be performed; stays abreast of repertoire appropriate for student musicians; and ensures the effective participation of all orchestra players.
*Conducts all rehearsals, performances, and special events of the AYS.
*Actively recruits AYS members in collaboration with ASO and AYP staff, regional public, private, parochial, and home-school music teachers and academic leadership.
*Oversees and directs the audition process for new and returning AYP students in collaboration with AYP conducting staff and ASO education staff, establishing musical criteria, selecting and approving players.
*Manages AYS auditions for seating placement and section/principal assignments throughout the season as needed.
*Works with the Director of Artistic Planning to develop the annual AYS budget; oversees the selection and hiring of section coaches, audition judges, and hired personnel, and purchases or rent scores within the budget guidelines.
*Ensures that all required equipment including lists of chairs and stands required for rehearsals and performances is arranged ahead of time.
*Maintains and continually develops the relationship with area music and band teachers, serving as the orchestra’s artistic liaison to the schools.
*Attends Education Committee meetings and provides reports as requested.
*Communicates with the Education Coordinator, Education Committee chair, and Director of Artistic Planning in a timely, complete, and consistent manner.
*Coordinates the annual concerto competition for members of the orchestra. The winner(s) of the competition will perform the concerto(s) on the AYS Spring Concert.


*A Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree preferred)
*Excellent musicianship and artistry as a conductor and teacher
*Substantial conducting experience
*Excellent rehearsal techniques, knowledge of literature suitable for youth orchestras
*Passion for working with high school students
*Experience conducting youth orchestras or other student ensembles is desirable
*Strong leadership and personal communication skills, particularly with young people
*Strong commitment to music education
*Strong organizational and administrative skills
*Ability to effectively communicate with the general public, area music educators and band directors, staff members, students and parents

Commensurate with experience, services provided, and budget constraints.


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