Colorado Chorale seeks an Artistic Director beginning with the 2015-2016 season

Colorado Chorale seeks an Artistic Director beginning with the 2015-2016 season

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
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Founded in 1970, the Colorado Chorale is an independent ensemble of vocal musicians with a dynamic history of diverse, innovative and energetic repertoire ranging from Renaissance to Jazz to fully staged Musical Theater Productions. The Colorado Chorale currently consists of 40-50 auditioned singers representing all walks of life and an age spectrum ranging from college to retirement. Dedicated to its long-standing non-discrimination policy, the Colorado Chorale recruits and selects members based on musical experience and ability.

The Colorado Chorale’s elected Board of Directors has established a set of core values that guide the Chorale. The Artistic Director will integrate these core values into his or her leadership of the Chorale in the following manner:

1. Pursuing excellence in the craft and performance of music.
The Colorado Chorale seeks an Artistic Director (AD) who has high expectations for quality of performance, skill in singing, knowledge of the singing voice and the ability to bring all these aspects together for the betterment of the Chorale and its audience. In light of this, the AD will be responsible to:
• Conduct rehearsals and concerts throughout the performing season (August – May).
• Arrange for the Assistant Artistic Director and/or other qualified persons to conduct rehearsals or concerts in his/her absence.
• Hire vocal soloists and instrumentalists as required by program content.
• As prescribed by current Bylaws, hire or act as a resource for the Board’s hiring of the Assistant Artistic Director, Accompanist and other persons needed to support the Chorale’s artistic activities.

2. Providing eclectic experiences for audiences and members.
We seek an AD who is knowledgeable of a varied repertoire that will challenge and engage chorale members as well as our audience. In order to fulfill this guiding principle, the AD will be responsible to:
• Design varied program content and select performance materials for the Chorale’s performing season.
• Provide input and direction to the Board of Directors in all matters pertaining to the artistic mission and activities of the Chorale.
• Represent the Chorale in negotiations with other performing artists, groups or agents as required and/or are appropriate.

3. Respecting individual members and their contribution.
We seek an AD who understands and values each member of the Chorale community. With this in mind, the AD will be responsible to:
• Recruit and audition prospective Chorale members and select successful candidates.
• Review, as appropriate, the continuing artistic contribution of current Chorale members.

4. Impacting the community positively.
We seek an AD who enjoys networking with the community and wishes to promote the Chorale to the community-at-large. Because this is a primary value of the Chorale, the AD will be responsible to:
• Conducts Encore (a smaller performance group) in rehearsals and performances in the community. The AD may, with approval of the board, delegate this responsibility to the Assistant Artistic Director or another qualified person. Encore is currently a seasonal group and runs from October through December.
• Represent the Chorale at grant meetings and other fund-raising activities as required and/or are appropriate.

5. In addition to the activities of the AD that support the Chorale’s core values, the AD will also be responsible for the following administrative details:
• Determine concert dates, times and locations – subject to Board approval.
• Determine rehearsal dates, times and locations; consult with the Board on any special (or non-standard) rehearsals as needed.
• As applicable, rehearse and conduct the Chorale in performance activities outside the Chorale’s performing season.
• Prepare a budget for concert items.

**Advanced degree preferred or equivalent experience required.

Please send a cover letter, resume, three references, and a CD/DVD/Electronic transmission of a recent performance or
rehearsal to:

Email: Kendall Bridges (Search Committee Co-Chair) at or;
Mail: Kendall Bridges – 1370 36th St. Unit B, Denver, CO 80205-3988

Deadline for submission of materials is August 1, 2014. !!!!


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