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Music Instructor
Cyprus School of MusicBurnsville, MN

About Cyprus School of Music
Cyprus School of Music was founded in 2009 with the mission of offering quality musical instrument instruction to students of all ages as well as offering a musician development program which provides well rounded instruction in history, theory, ensembles, and orchestra to those who have a high level of interest in music. Its programs were developed by founders Alex Mezeritski, a world-class pianist and composer as well as a music educator, and Michelle Wallick, an education specialist who is also the founder and director of a private, ability-based elementary school for gifted and talented children, and a Montessori preschool.

Cyprus School of Music opens at 3:00 p.m. M-F and on weekends, and shares space with a private gifted/talented elementary school. Afternoons are usually filled with lots of faculty and the activities of children in art, drama, STEM and music lessons and classes.

About Current Positions
Cyprus School of Music is seeking qualified instructors with students available starting in September.

Thursdays from 3:00 – 6:30 (to start) – We have a full line up for a specialist with young beginners and advanced beginners for:
Private piano lessons
Group Piano Class
Group Musicianship for 5-6 year olds
Music Appreciation for 7-8 year olds

We are also looking for instructors for the following instruments (may be in addition to the above position)
· Band instruments (trombone, saxophone, trumpet, flute, etc) – Beginning through late intermediate

· Piano – Beginning through intermediate

· Violin – Beginning through advanced

· Percussion and drums – Beginning through advanced

· The ability to teach multiple instruments is a plus!

It is a plus if you are able to teach any of the following classes:
Group Piano Class
Music Theory
Music History
Ensemble Instructor
Orchestra Conductor

This is a part-time position. Most of our instructors start with one day of their choice with 2-4 students or classes. The schedule gradually builds as we acquire new students, and our best and most versatile teachers eventually could have students 5 days/week or more.
We typically pay from $20- $25 to start, with yearly reviews.

Who Makes a Great Instructor at Cyprus?
Do you love the idea of teaching children and enjoy working with small groups? Are you a quality instructor who uses proven methods, and are flexible and creative enough to accommodate and teach fast learners as well as average students? Do you enjoy working in a friendly community of faculty, students and families? If yes, then you will fit well in this position.

Cyprus School of music is a fantastic community to work for and we highly value our instructors. Many have stayed with our school for many years. Our instructors are hired as employees of our school rather than independent contractors, which transfers some of the tax burden and the liability to the school rather than to you as a teacher.

· Applicants must have either a degree in a music field or in the process of completing their degree.

· Must have experience and enjoy working with children as well as adults

· The ability to teach multiple instruments and group classes is a plus!

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please send your resume and a cover letter as well as phone numbers from at least one students and one supervisor.
Also, if available, please send a link to a performance and/or some of your musical work.



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