Orchestral Artistic Director/Conductor Golden Valley Orchestra (GVO) – Minneapolis, MN

Orchestral Artistic Director/Conductor
Golden Valley Orchestra (GVO)Minneapolis, MN

The Golden Valley Orchestra (GVO) announces an opening for the position of Music Director/Conductor. Applications for the position are due no later than September 19, 2014.

Statement of the Job:

The GVO Music Director/Conductor is responsible for the artistic leadership and conducting of the ensemble. As primary spokesperson for the ensemble in performances, the Music Director/ Conductor will assist the Board of Directors (Board) and members in regards to media-related events, membership, audience development, outreach and fundraising efforts. Responsibilities also include the artistic leadership of the GVO which includes, fulfilling the orchestra mission, guiding and determining repertoire selection, increasing quality member participation, soloist selection, assisting with venue selection, substitute and new musician selection and helping grow the string membership base as a whole.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Prepare for and conduct all rehearsals and concerts throughout the season. Rehearsals run early September through early June, with average season including 4 full concerts, 2-3 short area care facility concerts, 1 outdoor concert with choir and 1-2 major fundraising events.
  • Recruit a suitable replacement if unable to attend/conduct an isolated rehearsal and/or concert. Coordinate with the cover conductor / assistant conductor(s).
  • Attend GVO Board of Directors monthly meetings. Board meetings held on Mondays, the first full week of each month. The Music Director/Conductor sits ex- officio on the Board.
  • Work with the Board to set rehearsal/concert schedule and communicate that schedule and/or changes to the membership.
  • Collaborate with Assistant Conductor(s) and Concert Master prior to scheduling “split rehearsals” and/or sectionals. These special rehearsals are scheduled on the third full rehearsal of each concert series.
  • Communicate effectively and provide members’ ample time to prepare for instrumentation and other performance needs the music and/or venue may require.


  • Prepare and set-forth excellent programming that fits orchestra mission, musician playing abilities, budget and expectations set by ensemble’s membership and the Board. Must be able to provide next season’s final programming on/or before July 1st for Board approval.
  • Responsible for selecting guest artists/conductors and recruiting non-paying permanent and supplemental musicians.
  • Work with the organization; the Board, musicians/members and music committees in developing and planning the orchestral artistic season. Programming should reflect community outreach type programming that fulfills GVO mission,
  • Notify necessary programming changes to the Board (at least three weeks prior to said rehearsal) to allow Librarian ample time to pull, borrow, purchase and distribute music in a timely manner.
  • Determine concert order and write or assist in the writing of program notes.
  • In conjunction with the Board, Concertmaster and Assistant Conductors, supervise the audition and selection process for the Young Performers Concert.

Community Outreach:

  • Work and collaborate effectively with community arts organizations and initiatives; act as a liaison to other ensembles and coordinate orchestra personnel in cooperation with section leaders.
  • Commit to fulfilling the orchestra’s potential as an artistic and community resource and a willingness to participate in the promotional endeavors of the orchestra.
  • Assist in the general promotion of the orchestra by being available for public appearances and fundraising activities.
  • Demonstrate a concern for the effect the conductor has on the professional lives and performance quality of the members/musicians.
  • Perform other similar and related duties, as directed by the Board, not requiring materially different qualifications from those described in this document.


  • Significant musical talent including an acute ear for orchestral intonation, balance, and color and skills in sight-reading, transposition and interpretation of orchestral materials.
  • Exceptional musicianship and conducting skills; includes but not limited to podium presence with effective baton and rehearsal technique.
  • Prior experience conducting an orchestral ensemble in an educational setting preferred.
  • Ability to run effective, organized and efficient rehearsals while respecting musicians’ time and efforts (i.e. – clear direction on when brass/percussion musicians need to attend rehearsals and/or portion of that rehearsal).
  • Can have fun while working with members/musicians of varying backgrounds and abilities – on both an educational and professional level.
  • Thorough knowledge of orchestral repertoire and how it pertains to instrumentation, member’s skill set, and/or instruments required.
  • Proven ability to develop imaginative programming ideas that draw in non-traditional audiences, have significance to the community, membership, and the occasion.
  • Awareness of the current field of solo artists, popular and contemporary music.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with the musicians/members, other ensembles, and artists in various media.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate in a timely manner with orchestra staff including the Board, Librarian, Concertmaster and the Assistant Conductor(s) so together we can continue to grow membership, increase quality of the orchestra and stay within budget.
  • Must have clear understanding of a nonprofit organization, with appreciation for the volunteer roles the Board, members/musicians, and the support volunteers play.
  • Skills necessary to communicate effectively both in writing and public speaking.
  • BA Degree in Music or higher.
  • Three or more years related experience performing the majority of the duties outlined above.

Application Requirements:

  • Letter of Interest, including sample listing of programs conducted in the past 36 months (or equivalent experience) and a preferred concert program work and/or alternative programming work if selected for audition.
  • Link to an online video or supplied DVD of you conducting.
  • Resume and /or CV with email address and telephone number.

If you prefer to submit hard copies of your materials, please send the above-reference materials to Golden Valley Orchestra, Inc. * 200 Brookview Parkway * Golden Valley, MN 55426

The Golden Valley Orchestra is a 501(c)(3) organization.



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