The Music Director is the Principal Conductor, Artistic head and public face of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra

KEY ACTIVITIES: The Music Director is the Principal Conductor, Artistic head and public face of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, reporting to the Board of Directors and providing leadership and guidance to the Organization through ongoing artistic projects, both in and out of the concert hall. As the public face of the Organization, the Music Director serves as an advocate and ambassador to represent the Orchestra to the community.

Artistic Leadership
• Develop the program for each concert and overall themes for each season to lead
the Orchestra to new levels of artistic expression. Programming should be consistent
with the skills and interests of the SSO membership, taking into account the musical
interests of the community at large, while working to stimulate interest in a variety
of orchestral and chamber music styles in the community.
• Through long-range planning, work with the SSO Board of Directors to define the
specific artistic vision, goals and objectives of the SSO consistent with existing
organizational by-laws.
• Conduct and providing mentorship for all members of the Sudbury Symphony
• Work with SSO Staff and volunteers in the preparation and staging of concerts. This
includes defining the musician requirements for specific programs and working with
the Personnel Manager to meet these requirements. Similarly, the Music Director
will work with the staff of concert venues in these efforts.
• Continue to recruit new SSO musicians and work to retain current members by
challenging and inspiring musicians to fulfill their artistic potential.
• Make the final decisions on all matters pertaining to SSO musician participation and
chair auditions as necessary to fill musician requirements. The Music Director will
have the final decision on player selection for each concert. The Music Director will
work with the Personnel Manager to determine player seating and part assignments.
• Should the funds allow, the Music Director, in conjunction with the SSO Board of
Directors, will select an Assistant Conductor and/or Guest Conductors and/or other
music assistants (ie: Section Principals) and participate in personnel auditions.
Utilization of such positions will be at the discretion of the Music Director, subject to
SSO budget limitations.
• Recommend soloist(s) as needed for concert programs, working with the Executive
Director to ensure budgetary limitations are maintained.
• Be artistically and financially accountable to the SSO Board of Directors.
Community Outreach
• Develop, advocate for and participate in activities that promote the SSO and
attendance at concerts. • Participate in fundraising initiatives to assist in meeting and exceeding targets set in
the budget for the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra.
• Become a visible and active part of the community, and when appropriate and
possible, will represent the SSO at various civic functions and organizations.
• Enhance the Orchestra’s role in the community by working with the SSO Board of
Directors, musicians, patrons, staff and volunteers; sitting on volunteer committees
for special projects as appropriate.
• Work to extend the interest of orchestral music to youth in the Sudbury community.
The Music Director will develop program(s) and actions to enhance youth
involvement in orchestral music and will work to develop a strong relationship with
community music educators.
Musical Competency
• A Masters Degree in Music, or equivalent.
• Exceptional aural, musicianship and conducting skills, particularly in music analysis,
orchestral intonation, sight reading and transposition as it is applied to the
preparation of orchestral scores for performance.
• Demonstrated mastery of various musical styles and an understanding of how each
style should be played to achieve the intended effect.
• Strong communication skills, both in and out of rehearsal to produce an
environment conducive to a satisfying experience for all players and performances
of high quality.
• Interpretive skills and instincts developed in past roles as a conductor with the
ability to maintain integrity in the overall performance of a work while evoking and
controlling response using gestures at all levels of musical detail.
• Detailed knowledge and understanding of orchestral repertoire, all instruments used
in orchestral performance, the history of music and its relationship to Western
• A compelling vision of the impact an orchestra can have on its community, and an
ability to realize that potential through programming and activities both in and
outside of the normal concert season.
• Adherence to principles of fairness and sensitivity in all matters pertaining to
orchestral personnel, including auditions, terminations, seating, etc.
• Ability to serve as an influential community advocate for the organization.
• An aptitude for good public and personal relations, including effective public
speaking skills.
• Ability to assess the environment in which the Orchestra performs and understand
the implications of that environment for the Orchestra’s goals and objectives.
• Judgement, imagination and practical sense to create balanced programs of
significance to the ensemble, occasion and community.
• Knowledge of current solo artists, contemporary music and performance practices.
• Functional knowledge of, respect for and the ability to work collaboratively with
Orchestra stakeholders on administrative operations, including governance,
fundraising and marketing/public relations. • An understanding of musician governance structure and practice and collective
bargaining agreements.
Qualified individuals should submit a resume/CV, list of references and a cover letter
describing their interests and qualifications for the position, including their personal artistic
vision for the Sudbury Symphony and salary expectations. Copies of, or links to video and/or
audio recordings of the applicants conducting are highly desirable, if available, with
electronic submissions being strongly preferred. All applicants must be Canadian citizens,
Canadian residents or have the ability to work in Canada.
Nominations from third parties are also welcome, provided that they include all required
Applications should be submitted electronically to
Items such as recordings, publications, etc. can be mailed to “MD Search, Sudbury
Symphony Orchestra, 303 York Street, Sudbury, Ontario, P3E 2A5”
The deadline for submissions is September 5, 2014 at 5:00pm EST.
The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra thanks all applicants for their interest. However, we are
able to respond only to those whom we wish to enter into further discussions. All
candidates who possess appropriate backgrounds and experience will be given serious
consideration by the Selection Committee.
About the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra:
Founded in 1953 by the late Emil First, the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra became a
registered charitable organization in 1975. The organization’s mission is to increase the
awareness and appreciation of music in the Sudbury Region and surrounding area by
providing the opportunity for the public to attend a stimulating program of concerts and by
encouraging artistic excellence, commitment and education.
Our vision is to promote a culture of creativity in the City of Greater Sudbury and foster a
community in which children and adults are exposed to the extraordinary personal benefits
that come from participation in music and the arts.


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