BCO Winter Conducting Workshop with Markand Thakar Baltimore, MD; December 14-18, 2014

Announcing the BCO Winter Conducting Workshop with Markand Thakar
Baltimore, MD; December 14-18, 2014

Under the supervision of Markand Thakar, up to 10 Fellows will conduct the internationally acclaimed BCO (Baltimore Chamber Orchestra) in orchestral works by Mozart, Elgar and Beethoven. A number of Associates will also be accepted. Associates participate in all activities outside of conducting the ensembles.

The Winter Conducting Workshop will focus on building musical understanding, with special attention to gaining technical control. Each Fellow will have over 90 minutes total conducting time, including three sessions with BCO and four with a 1-per-part ensemble. All sessions will be recorded on digital video, which participants can use without conditions.

In addition to orchestra and small ensemble sessions, the program will include daily video review and twice daily technique development sessions. Additionally, all conductors participate in daily breakfast conversations with Maestro Thakar, covering topics from the practical to the profound.

website: www.thebco.org/conducting
contact: conductingprograms@thebco.org

“It was more than a musical approach to the conductor’s duty, more than a theoretical explanation of why do we exist as conductors, for me it was a philosophical moment to think on music as a lifestyle. Each day there was a new goal to achieve, and new issues to resolve, from our mind and from our bodies, everything together in order to ‘be the music’ and let the music be itself. It was absolutely an inspiring experience.”
Santiago Piñeros-Serrano Director de la Orquesta Sinfónica del Conservatorio del Huila Neiva, Colombia


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