COLORADO MAHLER FEST Position: Artistic Director

Position: Artistic Director (A.D.). The Colorado Mahler Fest celebrates the life, music, and times of the great composer Gustav Mahler during a week-long festival, culminating in two orchestral performances of one of the composer’s major symphonic works. The festival is now in its third cycle and entering its 28th year, continuing to present all of Mahler’s performable works. The 100 members of the festival orchestra come from all parts of the United States and from other countries, mostly on a volunteer basis, for a week of intense music making. Founded in 1968 by Maestro Robert Olson, currently Director of Opera and Orchestra at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Maestro Olson has announced his intention to retire from the position after Mahler Fest 2015. The Festival management is seeking an Artistic Director to build on the legacy created by Maestro Olson during his 28 years of service. Here is the position description. Responsibilities: The A. D. reports to the President of the Board. Artistic activities include the selection of each season’s program and soloists, subject to Board approval. In addition, the A.D. influences the selection of Symposium topics and other events related to the Festival. The A.D. also makes tactical artistic decisions with the Board to accommodate Festival constraints. Musical Direction includes conducting rehearsals and performances, and responsibility for achieving appropriate artistic standards. The A.D. is responsible for recruiting the orchestra and choir. The individual also serves on the Board of Directors. The A.D. is expected to be an active manager, responsible for handling countless details throughout the year which relate to the Festival period. The A.D. is involved with promotional activities through active communication of MahlerFest vision and activities relating to various constituencies to support grants, donations, ticket sales and recruiting, including maintaining an on-line presence promoting the Festival. Qualifications: Applicants should have deep experience conducting the works of Mahler; experience directing all levels of orchestras, including volunteer and professional ensembles; should have the ability to present publicly information on subjects related to the music of Mahler; have had experience managing the key elements of a regularly scheduled 10-day music festival; be able to interact with the public in promoting the musical events; and should possess social media experience promoting musical groups and events while providing appropriate original content. Residence of the selected individual in Colorado is preferred. Time commitments include participation in MahlerFest 2015 in order to understand festival operations and to be the face of the Festival’s future to musicians, ticket buyers, partners and donors. The A.D. is expected to be present on-site and available throughout the Festival period each year. Attendance at Board meetings throughout the year, some on-site to be determined. The A.D. should be available for tasks and meetings throughout the year, including weekends, and should participate in Board-led fundraising activities. Deadline: Sept. 30, 2014. Resumes should be sent electronically to <> and must be received no later than Sept. 30, 2014, in order to be considered. Follow-up inquiries and interviews will be scheduled with only the most qualified candidates prior to Oct. 31, 2014. Applicants who have not heard from Colorado MahlerFest by Oct. 31have not been selected and need not make further inquiries. Dates are subject to change. Optionally, a job description may be uploaded either in .doc or .pdf form by going to the web-site: (Job-Description-Artistic-Director-Colorado-MahlerFest.pdf).


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