Choral conducting workshop with Budapest Vandor Choir

The Budapest  Vandor  Choir  invites  practicing  and  prospective  foreign  choir leaders (active members),  as  well  as  amateur  singers  (passive  members) who would like to get  hands-on  experience  working with an  advanced level amateur choir  and wish to get  acquainted  with some of the works from  the choir’s repertoire. The  participants will get assistance in making  decisions  about  special solutions  regarding the performance,  how to  choose  the  correct  tempo,  how to solve  problems  related  to form  and  dynamics, how to  improve their conducting technique and how  to prepare  well  an  amateur  choir  for  performance.

The Budapest Vandor  Choir is a 78 years’  old choir  with  mostly  amateur members. Its  outstanding  national and international  successes  speak for themselves: four Silver Diploma and a category-winner  Gold  Diploma – 2005 Bad Ischle,  two  Gold Diploma – 2006 Zoltan Kodaly  4th Hungarian Choir Competition  and  2009 Budapest  International  Choral  Competition,  April 2014 the highest classification of the Hungarian Choral Assotiantion (KOTA)  „Concert choir”. Each and every era – from the renaissance to the 21th century- is included in its repertoire.

We invite participants who would like to improve their knowledge in the repertoire of a mixed choir, who would like to practice their conducting technique and shape their artistic thoughts as leaders of an excellent, cheerful amateur company.

The workshop will be led by Zsuzsanna Nemeth Artisjus Prize winner choir leader and the choir’s art director and dr. Zsuzsánna Mindszenty Liszt Prize winner conductor.


07. Nov.2014 (Friday)

10:00-12:30 AM and 13:30-16:00 conductor practice, overview of the technical realization of the pieces. At 17:00 singing practice, warm-up, then  up to 20:00 rehearsal with the choir.

08. Nov.2014 (Saturday)

09:00-1200 rehearsal with the choir, 14:00-16:30 conductor practice, 17:00-19:00 rehearsal with the choir. After the rehearsal we analyze our experiences with the participants as required.

09. Nov.2014 (Sunday)

14:00 rehearsal on the spot of the concert, 16:00 closing concert in the Erzsebetvaros Community  House, then a reception presented by our choir, summary of the workshop and evaluation  with the conductors.

The workshop includes the following works:

1. group

Eilers: The Irish Blessing

Rutter:  The Lord bless you

Miskinis: Gloriosa dicta sunt

2. group

Kodaly: Sík Sandor Te Deum

Tillai: Lauda Sion

Orban: Ave Maria

3. group

Victoria: O Magnum mysterium

Pachelbel:  Singet dem Herrn

Handel: Halleluiah

We ask the conductors to choose at least two pieces from the three groups (each from a different group), and indicate their titles on the application form.

Only one of these works will be performed during the concert at the end of the course. Because of the shortage of time the conductors will only have time to practice that one with the choir and shape it according to his/her taste.

During the course of the workshop it is possible to deal with more works, even with works that are not included in the list above. (In each case please indicate the name of the work of your choice on the application form in advance). More detailed information concerning the program is available on the link named Budapest Vandor Műhely.

Further  information:
Accommodation: Student residence, rooms with 2-3 beds, as required (details on website)
Board: full or half-board  (details on website)

Participation fee: For active members 60 Eur, for passive members 20 Eur.  This is the fee of the workshop, accommodation and board fees are not included.  To ensure the place, the active members  are asked  to pay 20 Eur in advance at latest date of 20th October, 2014 to the  following bank account No.16200216-00239127 at MagNet Bank. In order to identify please indicate the name of the participant on the banktransfer.

The rest of the fee for active members and the entire fee for passive members are paid at arrival on the spot. In case of cancellation the advance payment can not be reimbursed.

We would like to highlight that the maximum number of the active participant is 9. Participants will be accepted in application order and based on the application form. Participants will be notified via e-mail until 25th October, 2014.

We also emphasize that the decision about assigning the works and participants presenting on the closing concert will be based on the information given on the application form and the incoming of the advance payments.


In connection with any further questions you may contact Dr. Eszter Berényi Sassné on the e-mail address  Details issued in advance may change and widen, so please keep  an eye  on the website  of  the  choir

      Application deadline:  20th October,  2014

We wish you all a successful preparation  period!
                                                                                             The organizers


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