Choirs Ontario invites you to SING ONtario! – Ontario’s premiere choral event featuring non-competitive, adjudicated performances, and workshops for conductors and singers led by some of Canada’s finest choral leaders.

Choirs Ontario invites you to SING ONtario! – Ontario’s premiere choral event featuring non-competitive, adjudicated performances, and workshops for conductors and singers led by some of Canada’s finest choral leaders.

Choir Registration Includes:

30 minute adjudicated performance
        30 minute clinic
        admission to all choir performances
        participation for all choir members in Saturday or Sunday workshops for one fee of $50.00
        massed choir rehearsal with Dr. Mark Sirett
        individual choir performance in evening concert
        massed choir performance in evening concert
Individual Registration Includes:

admission to all choir performances
        admission to all workshops
        massed choir performance in evening concert
Choral Workshops for Conductors and Singers

Dr. Darryl Edwards

        Choir Rehearsals and Voice Lessons: Finding Common Ground

                This workshop is filled with tips, tools and strategies for all vocal occasions in your classroom and choir rehearsals. It will bridge your needs, too, for your choral and solo repertoire teaching. You will acquire step-by-step access for how your choirs and soloists can build their skills, confidence and style flexibility over all their singing. You can take your singers “from awkward to awesome,” and it will feel and sound exhilarating!

        James Pinhorn
        Curing the Basement Boys: Dealing with Pitch-matching Issues in Changed Voice Singers 
                Have you ever had one of those singers in your choir who has a range of a perfect fifth, and who sings the melody a tritone below all the rest of the men in your choir?  How about the singer who performs the bass line an octave lower than written no matter how many times you remind him?  Ever wonder why these singers are usually basses and not tenors?  You are not alone!  These are very normal, healthy and usually very fixable steps stages that some male singers go through after their voices transition from soprano/alto into the new tenor or bass range. In this presentation I will offer some tips and tricks that have been very successful in bringing the basement boys up into a range where they can match pitch with the rest of their counterparts in the bass and tenor section of the choir.

        Elise Bradley
        IPA for Choirs: It’s more than Pale Ale! 
                Elise Bradley will conduct an interactive workshop on the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as a tool in teaching choral music. IPA can be used to transcribe choral texts into symbols, allowing conductors to teach – and choristers to sing – music in any language.

        Jennifer Swan
        Bodyworks for Singers 
                This workshop will explore “Breath Support ” for choral singers. Participants will learn to strive beyond mere proper alignment to investigate the activation of the of abdominal floor as it connects to inhalation and exhalation for singers.

        Anne Longmore
        Getting the Word Out: Tips for Developing an Effective Online Marketing Strategy
                Join strategic communications specialist Anne Longmore for tips on how to develop a successful marketing campaign and strategic communication plan for your choir!

        Mark Sirett
        Mind over Matter: What Youth Choir Conductors Need To Know About the Teen-Age Brain.
                The session presented by Mark Sirett will discuss the complex changes that take place in the teen years;  there will be discussion of the challenges these changes pose for choral conductors and and strategies that need to be implemented for more effective rehearsals with teen voices.

        Brenda Uchimaru
        Singer Warmups for Fun and Function 
                Regardless of age and experience, effective warm-ups of mind, body and voice will improve your technique and build musicianship. Brenda Uchimaru, clinician, choral director and educator, has an impressive arsenal of innovative, creative, musical warm-ups that can be used as effectively with the solo voice as with a choir. She will explain the why and how of warm-ups so that you can develop a routine that suits your needs whether a solo singer or a director of a large group.

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