ATLANTIC COAST ORCHESTRA International Conducting Academy

The ATLANTIC COAST ORCHESTRA International Conducting Academy  is a new project developed from the former CEDOS (Center for Wind Orchestra Studies) that operated between 2010 and 2014. With more than 50 students, we decided that a new project was needed to amplify our former pedagogical experience. In that way, the philosophy of this new Academy is to provide a fresh approach to studies in Music Conducting based on excellent resources.

Panoramic view of Esposende

The Academy is settled at the beautiful coast city of Esposende (Braga, Portugal), a privileged window into the Atlantic sea, and with excellent (and affordable!) accesses through the nearest airport of Francisco Sá Carneiro in Porto (less than 30m from Esposende). The ACO International Conducting Academy created the right conditions so that their students can initiate, expand, optimize or develop studies in Music Conducting. It has an excellent international faculty (from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and England) with international artistic recognition, formed to design and structure a practical pedagogical plan directly related to the issues, problems and virtues of the craft of the modern conductor.

The courses of the ACO International Conducting Academy are structured to provide an effective training in ORCHESTRAL CONDUCTING, CONDUCTING THEORY & PRACTICE with PIANO & ORCHESTRA ( Atlantic Coast Chamber Ensemble, Atlantic Coast Chamber Orchestra), REHEARSAL TECHNIQUE, PHENOMENOLOGY OF CONDUCTING, ORCHESTRATION & ANALYSIS, MUSIC THEORY & EARTRAINING. Our students will also have MASTERCLASSES and WORK OPPORTUNITIES as ASSISTANT CONDUCTORS through the year. The courses are structured in a way that you can manage with your professional life, adjusted to the training needs, whether theoretical or practical, of those who already works (or are searching for opportunities) as Music Conductor or Assistant Conductor in Orchestra, wind Orchestras and Ensembles of all kind.


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