Position: Music Director/Conductor. The JSO is an LAO Group 6 orchestra with an annual 6-concert subscription season, an active Symphony Chorus and Youth Symphony, and educational programs for adult instrumentalists (Community Strings), children’s choruses (Inclined to Sing and Apprentice Choir) and beginning instrumentalists (Share the Music). The orchestra has existed for 86 years, and rehearsals and performances take place in the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Information about the orchestra is available at The Music Director is the principal conductor of the orchestra. He or she is responsible for the artistic vision, profile, quality and development of the orchestra and other entities of the JSO, with duties and responsibilities in artistic, administrative and community areas. The Music Director exercises authority in artistic matters according to the guidelines established by the Board and mutually agreed upon at the time of his or her engagement. The Music Director works closely with JSO Staff and members of the Board within the limits set by the orchestra’s budget and in accordance with the terms of the orchestra Collective Bargaining Agreement. Artistic Duties: He/she advises the JSO, in cooperation with the JSO Staff on matters of policy which concern the overall development of the orchestra as an artistic entity and the JSO’s position in the community; suggests courses of action to improve and enhance the JSO’s musical and artistic objectives consistent with the JSO’s strategic plans and budgetary parameters. This will include planning the concert season, including but not limited to recurring regular and subscription concerts, educational concerts, ensembles and activities and special concerts. Repertoire to be performed is selected in consultation with the JSO Staff. The Music Director accepts the input from the Programming Committee; determines the number and kind of rehearsals required for performances; recommends guest artists to appear with the orchestra; participates in the selection of orchestra personnel in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, including but not limited to conducting auditions, monitoring musicians’ performance levels, appropriately communicating artistic concerns to musicians and initiating termination for artistic reasons when deemed appropriate and advisable in order to maintain performance standards. The Music Director will determine the concert stage set-up to present the orchestra at its best, both acoustically and artistically. And will also rehearse and conduct performances as outlined in the Music Director contract. Administrative Duties: Maintain frequent and regular communication with the JSO staff as required for the effective execution of responsibilities. Adhere to the artistic planning schedule outlined in the Music Director contract. Work collaboratively with the JSO’s staff as needed and requested. Make radio, television and other appearances that are reasonable and important, in the opinion of the JSO Board. Participate in developing strategic plans for the JSO. Work with board members, volunteer organizations and committees on special projects. Report to the Board and attend Board and Executive Committee meetings. Community Duties: Become a visible part of the JSO and the surrounding area and reside in the JSO metropolitan area if feasible. Assist in the general promotion of the JSO by being available for public appearances, fundraising activities and community events as requested by the JSO. Sustain and enhance relationships with partner organizations and entities in the community such as other arts and cultural organizations, music educators, and civic leaders. And represent the JSO at various official JSO, civic, educational and social functions as appropriate and requested by the JSO. Begin: 2016-17 season. Deadline: Applications will be accepted until Feb.16, 2015. Submit: Send a letter of applications and supporting materials (resume, recommendations or list of recommenders, etc.) Send to: Dennis M. McNair, Search Chair, Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, 300 Market Street, Suite 303, Johnstown, PA 15901 or submit electronically to The JSO is an equal opportunity employer. All individuals interested in employment receive equal consideration regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin age, disability, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.


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