Position: Artistic Director/Conductor (AD). The KPO is a regional orchestra based in the town of Waimea (also known as Kamuela). Founded in 2003, and has evolved into a treasured community asset on the Big Island of Hawaii, dedicated to bringing high quality music to Big Island music lovers of all ages and circumstances. Currently, the orchestra has a primary season of three concerts with additional children’s concerts, fundraisers, and other events as defined each season. The orchestra is expanded as needed for music requiring larger numbers of performers and refined for pieces more appropriate for smaller numbers of performers. Musicians are gifted with modest amounts for their participation, a new custom which the management of the orchestra hopes to maintain and expand. Compensation is currently provided for an Executive Director, a bookkeeper, and a webmaster. The AD receives compensation as an independent contractor for rehearsals and concerts, as well as support for required travel and some incidentals. The AD is responsible for the artistic operation of the orchestra, ensuring artistic value and merit. The AD exercises authority in artistic matters according to guidelines agreed upon at the time of engagement. The AD works in close consultation with the Executive Director, members of the Board and the Musicians, as required to encourage and inspire them and support their artistic growth. The AD models passion, chooses music, and makes decisions to promote the organization’s mission. The AD is a community arts leader, an advocate, an ambassador, and a teacher working on behalf of the orchestra in the community. Deadline for submission of an application: March 15, 2015. Submit: A resume with two or three references by the deadline. Any questions which you may have should be sent by e-mail to contact@kamuelasphil.org, or you may contact by phone: (808) 896-1289. The web-site is: http://www.kamuelaphil.org. The KPO also has a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/KamuelaPhilharmonicOrchestra


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