Music Director, Chamber Music Conference

Music Director, Chamber Music Conference

The Chamber Music Conference and Composers’ Forum of the East invites applications for the position of Music Director. The Music Director provides artistic and educational leadership to the Conference, overseeing the annual Conference proceedings and the work of its artist-faculty, and providing guidance and feedback to faculty and participants. The Music Director represents the Conference to the public and the world of professional music. The Music Director is appointed for a 3-year term and reports to the Executive Committee of the Conference Board and to the Board chair as its representative.

Conference Overview

The Bennington Chamber Music Conference has a long and rich history of offering outstanding chamber music coaching, faculty concerts and seminars, opportunities for free playing, and a vibrant program of composer residencies, all in a historic and verdant New England setting at the foot of the Green Mountains. This combination of features creates a unique and exhilarating musical immersion.

The Conference runs for 4 weeks in July and August and boasts a faculty of fine professional musicians who combine concert careers with a dedication to teaching. Participants include amateur and professional musicians, ranging widely in age and ability, on strings, winds, piano, voice and harp. Contemporary music and composition are integrated into coaching and performance aspects of the Conference through the work of the Senior Composer-in-Residence, Composers-in-Residence, and Composition Fellows. For more information about the Conference, please see

Role Description

The role of Music Director is a key leadership position in the Conference community, and it includes responsibilities, relationships, and time commitments that support the mission of the Conference.

Hiring and Evaluation of Faculty and Composers

The Music Director

  • Is responsible for engaging faculty for the Conference, consistent with instrumentation needs and the faculty tenure practice.
  • Proposes candidates to the Board for the position of Senior Composer-in-Residence as the position becomes available, and works with the Senior Composer-in-Residence to engage Resident Composers and Composition Fellows, and to oversee the Composers’ Forum program.
  • Oversees the faculty tenure evaluation process.

Programming and Scheduling

The Music Director

  • Is responsible for the programming of faculty concerts, and for organizing participant recital programs for each of the Conference weeks.
  • Schedules music-related seminars and lectures.
  • Assists the Executive Director as needed in the recruiting and evaluation of participants and auditors.
  • Assists the Conference scheduling team, providing input and review during assembly of groups and assignment of works for the coaching program.

Responsibilities in Residence

The Music Director

  • Is in residence all weeks of the Conference and oversees all formal music activities of the Conference.
  • Serves as a faculty member, performs on faculty concerts and coaches participant groups during one or more weeks of the Conference, and chairs faculty meetings twice weekly.
  • Oversees the coaching program, providing support and counsel to faculty and participants in the furtherance of their educational and general musical objectives.
  • Works to maintain and enhance the spirit of collegiality among all members of the Conference.

Working with the Board

The Music Director

  • Attends the three regularly scheduled Board meetings throughout the year.
  • Works with the Executive Committee and other Board committees (e.g., Grants, Recruiting, Fundraising and Publicity) as needed.
  • Works with the Board in developing a long-range vision and strategy for the future of the Conference.


The ideal applicant will have:

  • Deep knowledge of both the canonic, traditional chamber music repertoire and new chamber music, with a view to innovative programming.
  • Extensive experience in performing, programming and coaching chamber music (wind, string, piano and voice).
  • An open-minded and innovative approach to new chamber music, including commissioning and programming.
  • An active and strong network of chamber music professionals and composers who may have an interest in serving as faculty for the Conference.
  • Experience with and enjoyment of coaching amateur musicians.
  • The ability to provide leadership to and administration of a program with diverse constituencies.

How to Apply

Please send an inquiry or a letter of interest, including a CV, to The deadline for application is May 30, 2015; however, candidate interviews will begin prior to the deadline.


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