Announcing the final call for applications for ICF 2015

Announcing the final call for applications for ICF 2015!! The International Conductors’ Festival of Kiev is an exciting opportunity for emerging, aspiring, or established conductors alike to gain real rehearsal and concert experience with a professional orchestra in a vibrant, two-week summer festival atmosphere. A small number of conductors share immense podium time in rehearsals every day, and each conductor enjoys FOUR concert appearances. No other workshop offers such an enormous amount of podium time, and even better, nobody interrupts you while you are working with the orchestra!!

There is no primary teacher at ICF. Conductors learn from each other, from the very friendly members of the orchestra, from the music, and perhaps most importantly, from themselves. While fostering the comfortable environment of a workshop, ICF is a real festival, and conductors are responsible for real rehearsals (the orchestra is not pre-rehearsed). ICF is an experience like no other in the world.

Please visit for more information and to apply. ICF 2015 will be held June 1-13 in Kiev. Applications needs to be submitted soon to be considered.

The tuition for ICF is only 2,000 USD, which includes DVDs of conducting. We rent apartments (two bedrooms and kitchen) in downtown Kiev, which are available for very reasonable rates (much less than hotels), or participants are also welcome to seek their own accommodations.

As some of you know, ICF was cancelled last year due to the rather tense situation in Ukraine. But this year the situation is VERY different. The remaining problems are far away in the east of the country, and our beloved city of Kiev is perfectly safe and back to normal. We would not be going back if we were not 100% confident of that!


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