Creative art laboratory for introduction to choral literature 29 July- 02 August 2015

Creative art laboratory for introduction to choral literature 29 July- 02 August 2015


The Art laboratory is open to choral conductors, music students teachers and listenersupon preliminary request.
The idea for this laboratory was conceived by Krikor Chetinyan, one of the leading Bulgarian choral conductors and pedagogue in Academy of Music and Dance art- Plovdiv and National Academy of Music- Sofia. . It has been designed to give choral conductors the opportunity to work with master teachers and coaches in classical music, folklore and jazz.
The Lab includes podium time with choir, private coaching, and seminars and will conclude with  a public performance led by the participant conductors.

The participants may apply as follow:

– Active participants

– Non-active (participant with possibilities to sing in the participant’s choir)

– Listener
The event is hosted by National School of Music and Dance Art -Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Bob Chilcott –  Nidaros Jazz Mass  (arrangement for female and mixed choir)

Noel Goemanne –  Sanctus

Felice Anerio –  Tre canzonette (arrangement for female and mixed choir)

Ivan Spassov – The Seasons

Nikolay Stoykov – Christmas

Popular jazz arrangements 

The scores will be sent after the selection as pdf. to the participants only for study purposes and for the uses of the laboratory. 
The Nidaros Jazz Mass can be found at or Oxford Unity Press websites. 


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