LSU Summer Conducting Institute: Orchestral Immersion

LSU Summer Conducting Institute: Orchestral Immersion

LSU Summer Conducting Institute 2015: Orchestral Immersion
with conductors
John Dickson – Director of Choral Studies, LSU
Maestro Carlos Riazuelo – Director of Orchestral Studies, LSU
The focus is on orchestral conducting for the choral conductor.  Maestro Carlos Riazuelo and Dr. Dickson will co-teach the conductors who will get to work with a chamber orchestra each day, along with a workshop chorus.  We will prepare the Haydn Theresienmesse and have a series of workshops on string techniques, score study, vocal masterclasses, choral warm-ups and so forth.
*This intensive one-week symposium is intended for the advanced training of professional and graduate level conductors who live in the world of choral music in the church and/or the academy and who would benefit from a workshop in orchestral conducting.
  • podium time with orchestra
  • podium time with choir
  • orchestral techniques with a chamber orchestra
  • score study
  • vocal master-class
  • choral techniques
  • participation in the Institute Chorus.
Unique Features:
  • Individual coachings with Riazuelo and Dickson
  • Practical workshops in orchestral study and string techniques
  • Conducting and Preparation of the Haydn, Theresienmesse, for chorus and orchestra
Chorus Workshop:  LSU chamber choir will serve as a lab chorus for participants registered for podium time.  Sessions will include individual conducting critiques and documented video.  (4 sessions; Carlos Riazuelo and John Dickson, clinicians)
Orchestra Workshop:  LSU chamber orchestra will serve as a lab orchestra for participants registered for podium time.  Sessions will include individual rehearsal conducting critiques and documented video.  (4 sessions; Maestro Riazuelo, clinician)
Vocal Master-class:  LSU Voice faculty will focus on vocal pedagogy and singing techniques.  Singers will be afforded opportunities to sing in a master-class setting and receive vocal coaching.  Individual voice lessons may also be arranged.  (2 sessions; Voice Faculty member and Trey Davis, clinicians)
Vocal Warm-ups and Kinesthetics:    Trey Davis will demonstrate the use of vocal warm-ups to improve choral ensemble in the areas of intonation, blend, dynamic contrasts, and balance. (1 session; Trey Davis, clinician)
Score Study:  Haydn’s Theresienmesse will serve as the model for effective methods of analyzing and marking a choral/orchestral score.  (1 session; John Dickson, clinician)
String techniques and terminology for the conductor:  Yova Milanovo, professional violnist, and Maestro Carlos Riazuelo will demonstrate the techniques of string playing and make known the necessary terminology and methods of working with string players.  (1 session; [Yova Milanova] and Carlos Riazuelo, clinicians)
Theresienmesse — Historical Perspectives and Performance Practice Issues:  John Dickson, will lecture on historical period issues and current performance practice research related to Haydn’sTheresienmesse.  (1 session; John Dickson, clinician)
Institute Chorus:  LSU chamber choir and institute participants will unite to form a masterworks chorus. Daily rehearsals for chorus and orchestra with Maestro Carlos Riazuelo will culminate in a performance of Haydn’s Theresienmesse.
Tuition Cost:
Level 1:           Observation and participation in the chorus                            $450
Level 2:           2 orchestral and 2 choral conducting sessions plus full
                        participation                                                                          $700
Level 3:           4 orchestral and 4 choral conducting sessions plus full
                        participation                                                                          $950
You can visit the LSU Choral Page for more detail about the workshop.
Please contact Chris Rosborough, DMA Candidate at LSU with any questions you might have at

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