Bamberger Mahler conducting competition

Competition Rules and Conditions

To qualify for »The Mahler Competition«, applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Applicants must be aged 35 years or under on 1 January 2016.

2. The following must have been submitted by 30 September 2015 (date of receipt):
– completed online application form
– video recordings clearly demonstrating applicant’s conducting of a variety of works, captured with requisite audio and image quality in an accepted file format
– copies of certificates, letters of recommendation, references, expert opinions etc., documenting applicant’s conducting experience to date
– curriculum vitae
– current portrait photograph of applicant
– copy of applicant’s passport identity page
Applications received late or incomplete will not be considered. Supporting documentation submitted to »The Mahler Competition« will not be returned.

3. Applications must include all requisite documentation, not least a fully and correctly completed online application form.

4. Selection of applicants to compete in Bamberg will be made exclusively by and at the sole discretion of the Selection Panel. The Selection Panel’s decisions may not be appealed. In addition, the Competition organizers reserve the right to reject applications without explanation.

5. The organizers will arrange all travel for Competitors to and from Bamberg. The organizers will bear Competitors’ travel costs, or will reimburse costs on production of valid receipts and provided such costs have been agreed in advance with the organizers, up to a maximum of € 1,000.

6. »The Mahler Competition« can arrange overnight accommodation for Competitors in Bamberg.

7. Competitors will receive an allowance of € 50 per day for the duration of their attendance in Bamberg for the Competition.

8. Competitors agree to take part in all Competition rehearsals and concerts as required.

9. The Competition Jury’s decisions may not be appealed and the Jury is not required to justify them. The Jury reserves the right to withhold prizes or to award them jointly. The Competition organizers give no undertaking that all rounds will be judged by the full Jury. In addition, the Jury reserves the right, during individual rounds, to interrupt performances and to request performance of excerpts only.

10. The Competition is partially open to the public. Observers will be admitted at the sole discretion of the organizers.

11. »The Mahler Competition« retains the right to make video recordings of the Competition and to record the Competition in whole or in part for (live) transmission via radio, television or digital media. Competitors grant the Competition full and exclusive rights to exploit these recordings without additional compensation.

12. Prize-winners agree to be introduced at all appearances and engagements for 10 years after the Competition as prize-winners of the »The Mahler Competition«.

13. By applying for the Competition, applicants signify their acknowledgement and acceptance of all stated rules and conditions.

14. In case of disputed interpretations of these rules and conditions, the German-language version will be considered definitive.

15. All Competition decisions are final and are not liable to legal challenge.

Addresses for submission of supporting documentation by post or e-mail:

Bamberger Symphoniker
The Mahler Competition
Mußstraße 1
D-96047 Bamberg


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