ATLANTIC COAST ORCHESTRA International Conducting Academy Principal teachers: Luis Clemente & Colin Metters

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The ATLANTIC COAST ORCHESTRA (ACO) International Conducting Academy is an academy of international scope specializing in Music Conducting studies and suitable for all those who wish to initiate, develop, expand or improve their artistic, educational and professional skills, as well as optimize the resources and procedures necessary for a career as a conductor regardless of area of expertise (orchestra, wind orchestra or wind band, choir or chamber music). The ACO International Conducting Academy, is currently one of the central activities of ATLANTIC COAST ORCHESTRA, a cultural project awarded in 2015 by the European Commission.

The ACO International Conducting Academy is established since 2010. Our program stands out for a coherent and excellent pedagogy and high level training. We developed a careful and progressive educational program that can be managed with your professional and personal life, which is based on direct contact and apprentice with an outstanding faculty, leaded by Luis Miguel Clemente and principal guest teacher maestro Colin Metters (the legendary founder and director of the Conducting department of the Royal Academy of Music). Our conducting program relates directly with music conducting training and offers an adjustment to the educational and professional needs either theoretical or practical, of those who already work or want to come to gain skills as music conductors.

The ACO International Conducting Academy is settled at the beautiful city of ESPOSENDE (Braga district, northern Portugal), a privileged window into the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by a fantastic natural environment and endowed with excellent accessibility for foreigner students. The city is strategically located (about 25min. from Porto airport) and is served by excellent access and transports. In this wonderful natural environment we developed the logistical, educational and artistic conditions suitable for those wishing to start, extend, optimize or enhance studies in Music Conducting. Its geographical and natural features are the perfect place to inspire the musical study.

Study at ACO International Conducting Academy is intended for applicants of 18+ years, of any nationality and resident in any country wishing to initiate, develop or improve their personal and professional knowledge and skills. It´s especially suited for: Music Conductors, amateur or professional, from orchestras, wind orchestras, concert bands or choirs; teachers for orchestras or chamber music classes at academies, conservatories, professional conservatories or higher education programs; Music Directors of any kind of ensemble or group; Musicians instrumentalists or vocal.

The courses offered by ACO International Conducting Academy are structured by working weekends, allowing reconciling work and family life with the long-term studies, regular, methodical and targeted at the highest level in music conducting. We offer a syllabus with 3 courses: MEDIUM, SUPERIOR, and PERFORMANCE ESPECIALZIATION. Our courses are structured to provide an efficient and professional training in MUSIC CONDUCTING complemented with ORCHESTRATION & ANALYSIS, EARTRAINING, THEMATIC SEMINARS, MASTERCLASSES and PRACTICE with different groups. Our course articulates with the exams of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music from London in order to obtain the official diplomas of bachelor, licentiate or fellowship degree in conducting.

Number of vacancies are limited to 8 per level of studies.
DEADLINE for application is October 12, 2015. APPLY NOW HERE

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