Opera NEO Apprentice conductor search

Apprentice Conductor Applicants:

Please complete the YapTracker.com online application form.
Upload a current Resume
Upload a current Headshot
Include the email addresses of 2 references

Please upload two video recordings of

– You conducting an instrumental ensemble (12 people or more) or orchestra in a concert or rehearsal – up to 15 min.
– You conducting a vocal soloist or small ensemble of up to six singers with a piano or instrumental ensemble (orchestra) rehearsing or performing an aria or operatic ensemble – up to 15 min.

Applicants will also participate in a live or online interview.

For your interview please prepare to talk about the following repertoire:

– Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart

– One of the following Handel operas: Serse, Agrippina, Faramondo, Rinaldo

The conversation might include questions about choices of tempi, ideas and personal opinions about charcters and their development throughout the opera, as well as examples how these opinions are supported by the musical score.


Conduct selected staging rehearsals, sectional orchestra rehearsals, community events and outreach performances. Assist the conductors in the mainstage productions, assist the music director with score preparation and orchestra administration, act as a liaison between the company and the music staff.

Successful applicant will be provided a full tuition waiver, a small stipend and free housing.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:



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