“The most profound musical experience I have had yet in my career.”
“It’s not just about conducting. From discussions about organizational matters including boards, marketing and fundraising to artistic and practical elements of conducting, NCS is an all-encompassing look at leading an arts organization.” 
“I don’t know any other workshop that provides this much podium time and gives a young emerging artist the opportunity to work with so many professional singers.” 
“Each day was packed full with enlightening, educational activities. Jon Washburn is a true master of his craft.”
Jon Washburn and the Vancouver Chamber Choir will present the 36th annual National Conductors’ Symposium January 18-23, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. The symposium offers selected conductors an opportunity to take part in masterclasses with Canada’s premier choral ensemble.
The application form is available here.
Five applicants will be chosen to participate as Conductors, receiving significant time with the Vancouver Chamber Choir in rehearsal and performance in the final concert THE MAESTRO’S ART on January 23. As many as 10 additional applicants will be selected as Observers and be involved in all aspects of the Symposium, including one opportunity to conduct.
Master Conductor Jon Washburn oversees the conducting and evaluation sessions, providing insight on choral techniques, conducting gesture and score interpretation. Each conducting session is video recorded so that participants can review the recordings between sessions.  A series of optional luncheon discussions are offered to increase understanding of fundraising, marketing, working with a board and administrative structure.
The 2016 repertoire consists of music of the Masters:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Hostias et preces tibi; Kyrie eleison; Dixit Dominus
Ludwig van Beethoven – Opferlied; Elegischer Gesang; Agnus Dei
Franz Schubert – Hymne an den Unendlichen; Gott im Ungewitter; Chor der Engel
Robert Schumann – Der Sänger; Der Traum; Der König von Thule
Johannes Brahms –  Ach, arme Welt, du trügest mich; Verlorene JugendWie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen
Richard Wagner – Beglückt darf nun dich; Wach’ auf!; Treulich geführt
Jon Washburn founded the Vancouver Chamber Choir in 1971. Under his guidance, the ensemble has become an amazing success story, ranking with the handful of North America’s best professional choruses. In addition to touring and a busy season of concerts, broadcasts and recording, the Choir presents five award-winning educational programs.
For more information, please email info@vancouverchamberchoir.com or call 604-738-6822 or visit our website.

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