Director, Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH

Director, Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra
Dartmouth CollegeHanover, NH
Position Purpose

To provide artistic, musical and administrative leadership for the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra. Recruits and trains performers. Plans and conducts rehearsals and performances. Responsible for associated administrative duties.

Skills & Knowledge

Proven ability to recruit and foster commitment from student performers and guest artists.

Ability to train and successfully implement the use of student conductors and musicians.

Ability to establish long-term artistic vision for the orchestra.

Must be a strong advocate for diversity with proven ability to work with a diverse population having different levels of arts knowledge and experience.

Minimum Experience

3 years of relevant experience conducting symphony orchestras; or the equivalent.

Minimum Education

D.M.A. or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

SEIU Level
Not an SEIU Position


Employment Category
Regular Part Time

Department Contact for Cover Letter
Jean Reichert

Equal Opportunity Employer

Dartmouth College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer with a strong commitment to diversity. In that spirit, we are particularly interested in receiving applications from a broad spectrum of people, including women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, veterans or any other legally protected group.
Key Accountabilities

Program Planning/Administration

Programs, plans, organizes and conducts one major concert of standard works from the symphonic repertoire during fall, winter, and spring terms.

Plans, schedules, organizes, and conducts ensemble auditions, rehearsals and sectionals. Structures rehearsals to address recognized individual, section, and full ensemble needs, while simultaneously achieving preparedness for performers on schedule.

Annually conceives of and designs programs taking into consideration such factors as competence and interests of available student talent, challenge to student performers, faculty interest and suggestions, audience appeal, and budgetary constraints.

Determines instrument and player requirements. Assigns roles, selects soloists and organizes sections.

Analyzes each score; identifies problems and determines how they can be surmounted; arranges scores and parts to make them playable; edits string parts to insert bar/measure numbers.

Hires appropriate guest artists as needed. Negotiates fees, music to be performed, logistical considerations, supplemental activities such as master classes etc.

Hires specialized performers or instructors when necessary.

Coordinates advertising and publicity for the ensemble with appropriate Hopkins Center offices. Originates informational materials such as playbills.

Coordinates with Hopkins Center staff to insure that rehearsals and performances are organized in accordance with Center policy.

Advises the Music Department and the Hopkins Center staff on needs relative to instrument maintenance, repair, and replacement.

At least once every four years, as funding is available, schedules, plans, and organizes ensemble tours.

Student Recruitment and Instruction

Annually recruits students to join the ensemble. Auditions and/or interviews applicants.

Matches applicants to available openings and makes the final selections.

Instructs students in proper technique.

Works with faculty instrumental instructors in coaching student players.

Oversees student managers in accomplishing activities supporting rehearsal and performances.


Monitors and remains within the constraints of the ensemble financial budget.

Collaborates with appropriate Center directors on how funds are to be expended.

Justifies and obtains approval for payment of guest artist fees from supervisor.

As approved by the Hopkins Center Director, may seek out funding sources to support ensemble activities, i.e. endowments. As funding and interest allow, may produce and sell recordings of ensemble performances.


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