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Louisville Youth Orchestra


Music Director


The Music Director is the artistic supervisor of the Youth Orchestra, with primary responsibility for the following: training and artistic development of the Youth Orchestra; conducting the Symphony Orchestra at rehearsals and performances; directing chamber music ensembles; supervising and advising the conductors of the Serenade, Concert, Repertory Orchestras and any other ensembles; engaging additional qualified individuals needed to assist in training; selecting music to be performed; and auditioning, selecting and placing members.

The Music Director is the primary public spokesperson of the Louisville Youth Orchestra and endeavors to engage young people throughout the community through performances, appearances, educational programs, and other means.

The Music Director reports to the Board of Directors; works closely with the Executive Director; serves as an ex officio member of the Board, and as artistic advisor to the Board and its Committees. The Music Director carries out all required duties in a manner consistent with the policies, procedures, goals and objectives established by the Board of Directors.

1. Attends all Board meetings and advises the Board regarding artistic matters, making a formal report at each Board meeting on the progress of the Youth Orchestra.

2. Attends committee meetings at the request of the Board of Directors and/or respective chairpersons; provides staff assistance to Board committees.

3. Serves as official spokesperson for the Youth Orchestra when presentations to the Fund for the Arts or other support organizations are required. Gives speeches, provides media interviews, and represents the LYO at Fund events and special functions.

4. Supervises and coordinates the activities of the Horizons program, core orchestras, and other professional musicians engaged to assist the Youth Orchestra with training, workshops or performance. Holds monthly music staff meetings of all conductors as needed. Provides support for conducting staff through periodic observation and guidance in professional development.

5. Conducts auditions for membership and engages other qualified individuals to assist in evaluating skills and techniques of applicants as appropriate; makes the final determination ofapplicants to be accepted in to the Youth Orchestra and determines their placement within orchestras and/or ensembles. Supervises the audition process based on standardized excerpts to ensure effective evaluation and placement of students

6. Develops and initiates a recruitment program, to include on-going visits with school and private music instructors; works to maintain excellent relations with music instructors and professional musicians in the community. Personally visits as many school music programs as practical each fall.

7. Consults with and advises the Executive Director regarding preparation of the annual schedule of rehearsals, concerts and special events; presents the final schedule to the Board for approval. Agrees to maintain minimum office hours of six (6) per week with the Executive Director at an agreed upon location. Is accessible by telephone during normal business hours of 8 amto 5 pm. Calls placed to the Music Director shall be returned within 24 hours unless mitigating circumstances prevent a response within this specified time.

8. Oversees the continuing development of the LYO Discovery series including side-by-side concerts and master classes with local school orchestras, educational concerts for local students, etc.

9. Serves as staff liaison with the Louisville Orchestra, Youth Performing Arts Council, and other arts organizations, when deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

10. Evaluates the training and performance of the Youth Orchestra and its artistic staff, and presents a report outlining overall accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses at the conclusion of each orchestra season.

11. Supervises special projects with major guest artists, other musical groups, commissioned works, etc.

12. Develops public communications, educational materials and program notes for key concerts and projects. These specifically include website resources, social media content, and press releases.

13. Oversees a Peer Mentor Program to support Presto! (beginning string class) students with accomplished student volunteers from core orchestras.




Cover Letter, Resume/Curriculum Vitae, Video of one rehearsal and one performance (Limited to 10 minutes for each), Minimum of three references. Please send all documents to personnel@lyo.org. Video links to Dropbox or YouTube can be sent in place of an attached electronic video file. No DVDs or tapes please.


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