The University of New Mexico Music Department is seeking a Conductor/Music Director for the Health Sciences Center Orchestra (HSCO), who is also pursuing a Master of Music (MM) degree in the Department of Music.

Graduate Scholarship

The University of New Mexico Music Department is seeking a Conductor/Music Director for the Health

Sciences Center Orchestra (HSCO), who is also pursuing a Master of Music (MM) degree in the

Department of Music.

Master’s degrees offered are:

Collaborative Piano, Conducting, Musicology, Music Education, Performance, String Pedagogy,

Theory and Composition, Woodwinds. Each MM degree requires 32 credit hours for the program of

studies. The Music Department does not offer any doctoral degrees.

The scholarship covers the following:

• Tuition cost for up to 12 hours for the first academic year (6 credit hours/semester)

o Non-Resident Graduate students enrolled in six hours or less pay New Mexico resident

rates (current tuition rate is $254.26/credit hour)

o This scholarship does not cover tuition related or course related fees.

• If the scholarship is renewed, it covers tuition cost for up to 12 hours for the second academic

year (6 credit hours/semester)

o If a candidate wishes to complete their degree in two years, the candidate is responsible

for paying the remaining 8 credit hours of their degree program.

• This scholarship may also be renewed for a third year to cover tuition costs (maximum of 12

credit hours) to complete the MM degree.

The scholarship recipient will sign a one-year contract to receive funds. Prospective students must

pass all requirements to be admitted into the MM program at UNM for the Fall semester. The

scholarship recipient must remain in the MM program in order receive funds.

About the HSCO:

The HSCO is a joint initiative sponsored by the University of New Mexico’s Arts-in-Medicine Program,

Music Department, and Health Sciences Center (HSC). Valuing creative expression and musical

performance the HSCO seeks to promote health, healing, and wholeness in its own members as well

as patients and providers at University Hospitals, and the community-at-large. The HSCO is a

community orchestra that provides amateur musicians the opportunity to play music together.

The orchestra consists of students, faculty, and staff from the UNM HSC. This includes but is not

limited to undergraduate students (from the departments of biology, chemistry, psychology,

engineering) graduate students (from biomedical sciences, biology, engineering), and professional

students (medical, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy). Members also include

physicians, nurses, allied health care professionals, health administrators and community members

from the greater Albuquerque area.

The current orchestra consists of about 40 members. Membership varies by rehearsal. The

instrumentation of the group includes 10 violins, 4 violas, 4 cellos, 3 flutes, 1 piccolo, 2 oboes, 3

clarinets, 1 bass clarinet, 1 saxophone, 1 bassoon, 4 French horns, 2 percussion, 1 piano and 1 harp.

We also recruit undergraduate and graduate students from the UNM Music Department to help fill out

sections as needed.

Our mission is to provide an artistic outlet for UNM HSC employees and at the same time bring music

to the greater HSC community. One of our main events is an annual Halloween concert where

orchestra members dress up in costume and perform at the UNM Children’s Hospital. The HSCO also

has a subset of members that perform chamber music at various university and community events

such as the UNM College of Nursing Preceptor Recognition Event, the 50th Anniversary Biochemistry

Reception, and the Annual Donor Memorial.

About the Position:

The Music Director will work closely with the HSCO Artistic and Executive Committees to create four

concert programs over the course of the academic year (one being the Children’s Concert). Concert

programming should take into consideration the conductor’s interests, the orchestra members’ skills,

musical, and educational interests, and the organization’s budgetary constraints. The HSCO

rehearses most Sunday evenings (6:00-9:00 pm) in space provided by UNM’s music department.

The music director’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: conducting rehearsals

and concerts; providing ongoing music education for orchestra members; working with the HSCO

Artistic Committee to create imaginative, educational, appropriate and dynamic concert programs;

auditioning orchestra members for seat assignment (August); attending orchestral board meetings,

and working with the HSCO administration and volunteers to organize concerts.

The ideal candidate will have:

• Experience in conducting symphony orchestras

• Thorough knowledge of orchestral repertoire

• Excellent communication skills and the ability to educate ensemble members on all aspects

• The ability to attract, inspire, and retain a community of musicians

• The ability to work effectively with the administrative staff and board

Other information:

Term of the appointment is August 2016 through May 2017. The candidate may be required to work

collaboratively with an Assistant Music Director. The candidate may reapply for the Music Director

position for subsequent seasons if desired.

Application Process:

To apply for the HSCO scholarship, please send the following documents:

• Completed HSCO Scholarship Application (see page 4)

• Resume/CV (with references included)

• Letter of intent

of orchestral performance

• A conducting sample video

o For assistance with the letter of intent, please see

o This video footage should include 20 minutes of rehearsal and 10 minutes of a

performance. Video footage should clearly show your gestures and face.

• If you are applying to the MM in Performance program, please also include an audition tape

Please email these items to the HSCO President, Tina Termini, at For best

consideration, please apply by February 1st, 2016; however, applications will be reviewed on an

ongoing basis. Please save all text documents in PDF format.

Label all documents as LastName_FirstName_DocumentName.pdf

For example: Smith_John_LetterOfIntent.pdf

To be considered for the scholarship, the applicant must apply to and be accepted into a MM

program. The deadline for all MM application materials to be received is July 1st, 2016. We

recommend that interested applicants apply for the scholarship and the MM program concurrently.

Please see for more information about how to apply to the MM

program or contact the Music Graduate Coordinator, Kevin Vigneau at

For more information about the position, contact the Arts-In-Medicine Director, Dr. Patrice Repar at Successful applicants will be notified to schedule an interview with Dr. Patrice Repar

and members of the Music Department.

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Orchestra

Graduate Music Scholarship Application

Conductor Position

Last Name First Name

City State Zip Code

Email Phone

Degrees held (include graduating GPA):

Degrees in progress (include current GPA):

1. What is your primary instrument or voice and how long have you been singing/playing your

2. What Master of Music program concentration are you applying to? If you are already in a MM

program at UNM, please state this.

3. How did you find out about our scholarship?

4. Why do you wish to pursue a Master of Music degree? What are your career goals and how will

this scholarship help you reach those goals?

5. Why do you want to conduct the UNM Health Sciences Center Orchestra?

6. Describe your conducting background. Please include details about courses you have taken,

workshops or clinics in which you have participated, and any experience you have had as a

7. Discuss your musical background/experiences outside of conducting and outside of your academic

training. You may include your background as a performer, composer, arranger, etc. Please include

information about teaching experience and/or successful organizational efforts, if applicable

8. Please mention anything else you would like the selection committee to know about you.


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