Masterclass with Maestro Shambadal June 16

Masterclass with Maestro Shambadal June 16

IMB Proudly Presents:
21st International Masterclass for Orchestral Conductors

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We are very happy to collaborate again with the Chief Conductor of the Berliner Symphoniker, Maestro Lior Shambadal. Maestro Shambadal, born in 1950, is a very sought after conductor with a long international career as an opera and concerts conductor. After a great experience of our last masterclass (March 2016), with very good performance of  Brahms’ 4th Symphony, we have decided to repeat it again, this time along with two other symphonies by Beethoven and Mendelssohn.

As a teacher he gives several masterclasses for conductors each year. In this masterclass participants will have the opportunity to work closely with Maestro Shambadal and the Berlin Sinfonietta, on Maestro Shambadal’s “field of expertise”,  the German symphonic repertoire. Maestro Shambadal will approach this vast field this time through three of the greatest symphonies in the Germanic repertoire – Beethoven 4th, Mendelssohn 4th and Brahms 4th.
Maestro Shambadal has selected two very musically challenging  symphonies that will be the main theme of this masterclass.

Besides intensive active conducting sessions with a professional orchestra, each one of the participants will have the chance to work with Mr. Shambadal on critical aspects of conducting including studying the score, musical analysis, and conducting technique. Like always we will hold four orchestra rehearsals (4 hours long each) with the professional musicians of the Berlin Sinfonietta.

All the participants will have the chance to perform in the final, public concert.

All of the conductors will receive a professional recording of the final concert with high sound quality and HD video.

The course will be taught primarily in English and secondarily in German, though Maestro Shambadal speaks fluently several languages.
All the sessions with the orchestra will be video recorded, and each participant will receive his or her videos on a 16 GB USB stick, which they may keep and take home with them.  Participants are welcome to bring their own recording device.

You are more than welcome to apply here.


L. v. Beethoven
Symphony No. 4 in  B \flat major Op. 60

F. Mendelssohn
Symphony No. 4 in A major Op. 90 <Italian>

J. Brahms
Symphony No. 4 in E minor  Op. 98

The participants are required to prepare all the repertoire pieces.


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