​MUSIC  DIRECTOR  SEARCH Binghamton  Philharmonic Binghamton, New York

​MUSIC  DIRECTOR  SEARCH Binghamton  Philharmonic Binghamton, New York, USA 

The  Binghamton  Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO), a  per  service  professional  orchestra located  in Binghamton,  NY, is  searching  for a new  Music  Director  to  begin  in  the  2018/19  season.   A 72-member orchestra based  in downtown Binghamton  at  the  Forum  Theatre,  the  BPO  performs an average  of  eight (8)  concerts  per  season. As the artistic  leader  and  community  ambassador for  Broome  County’s  only  professional  symphony orchestra, the  Music  Director will  create  inspiring  and  engaging  musical  experiences,  enhance  artistic excellence,  and  embrace  the  vibrant  cultural  community  of New  York’s  Southern  Tier  and  Northern Pennsylvania. 

JOB  DESCRIPTION The  role  of the  BPO’s  Director  is  threefold: Artistic:  The  Music  Director serves  as principal conductor  of  the BPO.   In  consultation  with the  BPO’s Executive  Director, Board  of Directors  and  staff, the  Music Director  guides  the  orchestra’s artistic decisions  and  activities, including  programming, guest  artist  selection  and  special  projects.   Administrative:  The  Music  Director  works  closely  with  the  Board  of  Directors  and  the  Executive  Director to  make  artistic  decisions  within  a  set  financial  framework  and  provides  regular  support  to  marketing and  fundraising  initiatives. Community:  In  order  to  ensure  the  BPO’s  ongoing  sustainability,  the  Music  Director participates actively, frequently, and  directly  in community  engagement  and  outreach initiatives,  embraces  the cultivation  and  stewardship  of patrons,  media, funders and  community  member  and  commits  to  raising the profile of the orchestra and expanding its audience 

QUALIFICATIONS The  successful  candidate  must  possess  the following: Exceptional  musicality.  The  Music  Director is  committed  to  a  culture  of artistic  excellence,  has significant  experience  conducting  classical and  pops  music,  is  able  to  interpret  and  lead a  variety  of musical  styles  supported  by  excellent  conducting  and  rehearsal  technique  and  has  a  comprehensive knowledge  of  orchestral instruments  and  repertoire. Orchestral  stewardship.  The  Music  Director  must  be  able to  lead and  collaborate  with  musicians  of the BPO to ensure  that  the  orchestra  maintains  and  increases  its  level  of  artistic  excellence.  The  Music Director  must  be  comfortable working  with  the  orchestra under  the  terms  of  the  collective  bargaining agreement,  and  committed  to  providing  a  positive  professional  experience  for  all  musicians,  treating them  with  fairness,  collegiality  and  respect.   Audience  engagement.  The  Music  Director  must  be  a  passionate  and  compelling  communicator,  engaging  publicly  and  personally  with audiences  by  speaking  regularly  from  the stage to  enhance  the musical  experience  of both  new  and  experienced listeners,  as  well  as creating  and  participating  in other forms  of audience  engagement,  thereby  deepening   the  audience’s relationship  with great  music and the BPO. Community  relationships.   The  Music  Director  will participate  actively  and  effectively  in the  BPO’s communications,  marketing  and  fundraising  activities,  and  possess strong  interpersonal skills including public  speaking, the  use  of  conventional  and  social  media and  face-to-face  contact  with individuals and groups. Innovation.  The  Music  Director  will  develop  innovative  ways to  present  concerts  to  engage  and  attract audiences, and  will conceive  and  carry  out  major new  artistic projects.   Relevant  education  and  experience.  The  Music  Director  must  possess a  degree  in  music and appropriate experience as a conductor. 

HOW TO  APPLY Qualified  applications please  submit  a resume,  a  cover letter  describing  your  interest  in and qualifications for the  position,  a statement  of your personal artistic  vision  for  the  Binghamton Philharmonic,  three  (3)  references,  pdfs  of programs  the  applicant  has conducted and  three  (3)  links  to videos  of the  applicant  conducting.  Each  video  should  be  5-6  minutes  long  taken  with a  front  view  of the applicant  and  include  contrasting  styles  of  music.   If available,  an additional  link  to  a  video  of  the applicant  rehearsing  should  be  included. Submissions  are  expected  by  noon  on  August  1,  2016.  Applications should  be  submitted to info@binghamtonphilharmonic.org. Subject  field  should  read  BPO  Music  Director  Search.   Qualified  individuals  of all  nationalities  are  encouraged  to  apply, and  the  Binghamton  Philharmonic thanks  all  applicants  for  their interest. All applicants should  indicate  their status  as a  United States citizen or  permanent resident.   When choosing  among  candidates  of equivalent  qualifications, priority will be  given to  US  citizens  and  permanent  residents.  The  Binghamton  Philharmonic is committed  to  the principles of  employment equity  in the  workplace. 


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