Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy (WPA) is happy to announce our 2016 Performance Grants

Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy (WPA) is happy to announce our 2016 Performance Grants, with awards of $500 to $1000 available to all U.S. orchestras.  The deadline is October 14, and the application form isavailable here.  Decisions will be announced November 14.  The goal of these grants is to influence future programming; thus funding awarded in the Fall 2016 cycle must be utilized in the 2017 and/or 2018 calendar years.

Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy is a non-profit organization founded to continue the legacy of The Women’s Philharmonic (1980-2004).  Committed to honoring and advocating for the work of historic and contemporary women composers, our Performance Grants are central to our mission.  We promote the performance of unjustly neglected music and encourage orchestras to engage in adventurous and inclusive programming beyond the usual masterpieces.

Recognizing that new or unusual repertoire often means additional costs, WPA established our Performance Grants (in 2012) to help overcome this obstacle to performing works by women.  Since the grants were first established, WPA has helped nearly 60 different American orchestras (community, youth, and professional).

All U.S. orchestras – community, professional, and youth – are eligible to receive funding.  We suggest that applicants plan to perform more than one work by a woman, and include at least one historic work.  Repertoire suggestions are here, including links to music publishers and recordings.

There is more good news! Beginning in 2017 we will be offering our Grants twice a year.  The Spring 2017 grant cycle, intended to support performances occurring between June 1, 2017 and August 31, 2019, will begin receiving applications in January with applications due in late February.  Decisions will be announced on March 31.  We hope that this will accommodate the planning processes of more ensembles.

As orchestras strive to invigorate audiences and reinforce the continued relevance and value of the symphony orchestra, WPA hopes to help ensembles broaden their programming and present concerts more reflective of the rich and diverse history of classical music.  There are countless underperformed musical treasures deserving to be heard in concert halls.

Find more information and the online application at http://www.wophil.org/grants.  Contact grants@wophil.org with any questions you may have.  We look forward to receiving your application and we wish your orchestra great success in making future discoveries!

In addition to our performance grants, we have another great piece of news!  WPA is launching a music publishing project: Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy Publications will help make more music accessible and available through carefully edited and affordable orchestral scores and parts.  On our website (under the “Repertoire” link) we will be offering performance materials by composers including Amy Beach, Marion Bauer, Rebecca Clarke, and Elfrida Andrée.  AND in honor of Amy Beach’s birthday (September 5) and her 150th anniversary next year (2017), we are offering our new edition of her Symphony in E minor, Op. 32, “Gaelic” (1896), edited by our Director of Music Publications, Chris A. Trotman.  In celebration of this exciting new venture, we are happy to make the score available (in PDF format) free of charge through September 2016 (contact us with your request at  info@wophil.org ).


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