Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy 2017

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Gloria Martelli – Secretary
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September 1-14, 2017 – Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna



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After last years’ thrilling work on Falstaff and La Traviata,

Riccardo Muti has again chosen the great composer Giuseppe Verdi for 2017: Aida.


The attention towards musical education of new generations has always been pivotal to Riccardo Muti’s artistic activity. Through the Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy, Maestro aims at passing on to the young artists what he, himself, learnt from his teachers in a lineage that in the history finds him connected to Giuseppe Verdi through Arturo Toscanini and through his own teacher Antonino Votto.

During the first two weeks of September, Maestro will work at the piano, on the podium and with the orchestra in close contact with talented young musicians personally selected by him.


Rehearsals are open to anyone interested. For the entire period, the audience will be able to follow the intense and accurate work that leads to the realization of an opera: the secrets of musical construction are passed on from Maestro to the students in a natural symbiosis leading them together to the final goal of interpretation.

The participation in the audience is open to everyone who wishes to attend the rehearsals with no exceptions (no study title necessary, no age limit, no deadline for application – subject to availability).


Lower price tickets are available for students of Conservatories or Musical Institutes of the same level.


At the end of the Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy the effective students will receive a Certificate of Participation and listeners will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Both certificates will be signed by Riccardo Muti.


The application forms need to be submitted within January 31st, 2017.


The call for application is available down here in pdf with the application form.



  Call for applications 2017   Application form 2017




Info and registrations:
Gloria Martelli – Secretary
Mob: +39 334-2871868




Essay by Enrico Gatta about the 2016 Edition




2016 Edition – Photo Gallery


Riccardo Muti presents La Traviata on the piano – July 23, 2016






The conductors of the 2015 edition pass the baton to the conductors of 2016





Public rehearsals with students and orchestra










The Gala Concert presented by Riccardo Muti – August 5, 2016






The effective students receive the Certificates of Participation





Photos by Silvia Lelli




2015 Edition – Photo Gallery





Learning from Maestro Muti


“It is possible to teach music, to make a conductor understand, in a maieutic sense, how a gesture – Toscanini used to say this – is merely the extension of a mental work of analysis, synthesis and sublimation. Otherwise we would be in front of an athletic movement of the arms and hands, more or less elegant, which has no real meaning…”


” …Exercise after exercise (to get the composition diploma you needed 10 years of course) I used to compete with Azio Corghi, who was the best contrapuntist at the Music Academy. Heaps and heaps of exercises which I still have today. Today, on the contrary, one arrives on the podium…, there are music directors responsible for important theatres who do not know how to play the piano, others, especially among the young ones, who have not studied composition. This is why in the opera, for example, we have lost the ability to harmonize, that is to work on the music direction of a work, thoroughly working with a singer at the piano or reasoning with the orchestra on the characteristics of the scores. I think we have lost, generally speaking, the sense of sacrifice which instead in music is essential…”


Riccardo Muti
Taken from Il Messaggero, March, 22nd 2015
Article by Rita Sala








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