Orchestral conducting technique masterclass with Prof. Ennio Nicotra 17-21 July 2017 Palermo (Sicily).


Intensive summer workshop in Palermo (Sicily) with one of the best teacher nowdays, pupil and assistant to Ilya Musin . Author of one of the most popular handbook “Introduction to the orchestral conducting technique” Edizioni Curci Milano already 5 reprintings and translated in several languages.

An annual event in Istituto dei ciechi, one of the most charming villas of Palermo which see the presence of students from all continents. http://www.istciechipalermo.it/

5 days of full immersion, with the support of a piano duo will be deeply analyzed the basic principles of orchestral conducting technique. Individual daily lesson 35-40 min each.
Especially recommended to those students and conductors who wish improve their craft and to whom wants to learn the rudiment of this art. Repertoire available on our website
Fee 690 euros, Certificate of participation will be released.
Deadline June 1st 2017.
For further informations about participation, registration, accomodations please contact us


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