Chigiana Summer Academy


Age limit: 35 years

Elimination tests:
a) evaluation of certificates: after May 15
b) practical test with the Orchestra: July 31 / 9:30 am

To be admitted to the Course, candidates must pass two
elimination tests:
a) evaluation of certificates;
b) practical test with the Orchestra.

a) Evaluation of certificates
For this first selection, didactic and artistic certificates
(proving both the level of study and an already begun
conducting activity), one video lasting about 10 minutes and a photograph of the candidate, must reach the Accademia Chigiana by May 15.
These data must be indicated on the summary sheet specially formulated.
The fee of € 28 must also reach the Academy by the same date.
The Academy will inform all candidates of the results of
this first test.

b) Practical test
This test will be held on the first day of the Course. In order to be admitted to the test, candidates must already have paid the required application fee of € 68, following the same procedures specified for the other Courses.
For this test, candidates must present the following piece:

Mahler Symphony no. 1 in D maj. “Titan”;
Debussy La mer.

During the Course, students will be able to perfect the above compositions.

Active students must pay the attendance fee of € 490.

The best students of the Course will be invited to participate to the didactic activities of the Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo and those of the Teatro Massimo di Palermo.


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