June 19th to 23rd, 2017 Conducting Masterclass with Maestro Leonid Grin (Chief conductor of National Symphony Orchestra of Chile)

R. Schubert: Overture in the Italian Style, D.590
P. I. Tchaikovsky: Orchestral Suite N°1 in D minor, Op.43
A. Dvorak: Symphony N°8 in G major, Op.88

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From June 19th to 23rd, 2017

The master classes of the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile are created for the purpose of new conductors generations have the opportunity to gain experience in front of this orchestral group, under the guidance of Maestro Leonid Grin, its head conductor.

During the master classes the selected participants will conduct the orchestra under the guidance of maestro Leonid Grin, an international well-known conductor and teacher of young talented conductors, who are making career at the moment. Since 2009 Mr. Grin teaches together with Neeme Järvi and Paavo Järvi in the Neeme Järvi Summer Academy for Conductors, in Estonia and in the Menuhin Festival in Gstaadt, Switzerland.

A commission led by maestro Leonid Grin will select the candidates and the best students will be able to conduct the final concert.

Repertoire of Master class is as follows:

  • Schubert Overture in the Italian Style, D.590
  • Tchaikovsky Orchestral Suite N°1 in D minor, Op.43
  • Dvorak Symphony N°8 in G major, Op.88

Registrations will be open from March 10th to April 30th, 2017, sending the information which is requested in these rules. The results will be published on May 15, 2017.


1. Application

Conductors of both sexes will be invited to take part in the Master class organized by the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile. Applications, all requested documents, video and the following information (in English) must be sent until March 30th, 2017 to Margarita Barria –

Personal data

  • First name (As stated in passport)
  • Surname (As stated in passport)
  • Gender
  • Nationality (As stated in passport)
  • Date of birth. Format dd/mm/yyyy 

Contact data

  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City, country
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website


Additional data

  • Relevant musical education: Keep it short: dates, name of institute, name of education (Last five years only)
  • Relevant certificates and diplomas: date, name of institute, name of education, degree
  • Conducting master classes or courses date, master class, teacher
  • Relevant awards and prizes
  • Present professional occupation
  • Motivation: Write a clear and personal motivation: why this course? why do you want to be conductor

Additional documents

  • CV
  • Additional files (CERTIFICATES, DIPLOMAS ETC)
  1. 2 VIDEO recordings (2 links) of max. 20 minutes of representative conducting sessions. Video should be focused on conductor front angle, NOT back. Video recordings must be uploaded to YouTube or similar website. Please write the links to the uploaded video in the right place in the application form. (Video may contain both rehearsal and concert, but avoid parts with silence or speaking).
  2. Copy of certificates of musical education mentioned in the application form (scanned)
  3. One recent photo in jpg-format (max 500MB)
  4. Photocopy of passport or ID-card (with translation if necessary)(scanned)
  5. A short biography of max. 300 words in English (Word-format), focusing on major music events.

After sending this information online, you will receive a confirmation.

Incomplete applications or application received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.


  • Applicants are requested to answer all question concerning education and experience. Give short answers and give only essential and recent information about conducting (other professions, experiences or instrumental careers, do not help your application).
  • Applications can online be done by email (sending the requested information).

2. Admission

Based on the applications submitted, candidates will be selected to participate in the master class as active participant.

Applicants who are not selected can be invited to participate as passive participant and put on a reserve list. We have a limited number of places, but in case a selected participant cancels or fails to be present, we will invite the next on the reserve list or a passive participant to participate actively. (Read more about participation below)

The successful applicants will be invited and notified by e-mail at latest on May 15th 2017, who must confirm their participation by the same via before May 20th, 2017 and pay the participation fee until May 30th, 2017. If the candidate does not confirm before that date, he will be automatically excluded from participating. This vacant place(s) will be offered to candidate(s) selected as passive participant(s).

Passive participant must confirm their participation by email and pay their fee before May 30th 2017. In case there is some of cancelation, a passive candidate will be invited to participate actively. Passive participants, who do not confirm their participation in time, will lose their position on the reserve list.

Interested audience, musicians etc. can apply to be auditor during the master class. Auditors are not participants and therefore not placed on the reserve list, don’t conduct and don’t receive certificates.

3. Participation

Active participant

Active participants will participate in all activities of the master class, including conducting orchestra rehearsals and group discussion with maestro Leonid Grin. Every Active participant will conduct the orchestra several times supervised by maestro Grin. Additionally there will be a concert and general rehearsal to which active participants can be assigned to conduct.

Passive participant

All passive participants can take part and be present in all the master class activities, but do not have the right to conduct the orchestra. However they will replace a full or student participant, in case one cancels or fails to be present.

All Participants

All participants must have their own scores, study and prepare them for the master class rehearsals and other sessions. The full repertoire will be announced in March, 2017.

The organizers reserve the right to broadcast the activity over the radio or television. Participants are not entitled to claim any payment for the use of this recording or broadcast

4. The Jury

Member of the jury are:

  • Leonid Grin, Artistic director of National Symphony Orchestra of Chile and conductor of Master Class
  • Alberto Dourthé, Concertmaster of National Symphony Orchestra of Chile
  • Nelson Vinot, Fagot soloist of National Symphony Orchestra of Chile
  • Jimena Rey, Double bass soloist of National Symphony Orchestra of Chile
  • Luis Duran, Trumpet soloist of National Symphony Orchestra of Chile

5. Fees


Participants Fees Deadline of payment
Fee for active participant $700.000.- (Chilean pesos)

US$1.081.- (American dollars)

Before April 30th, 2017
Fee for passive participant $300.000.- (Chilean pesos)


US$464.- (American dollars)

Before April 30th, 2017

This price covers only the expenses of the Master Class and it does not include other costs, such us lodging, support and per diem.

Payment by Bank Transfer:

Bank Account in dollar:

Account holder: Universidad de Chile

Bank name: Banco de Chile

Account number: 5000-77486-08

ABA: 026005652

BIC (Swift) code: BCHICLRM

Bank address: Ahumada Nº 251 Santiago-Chile

(Attachment: Standard instructions for Payment Orders in Dollars USA currency in favour of Chilean Beneficiaries)




Bank Account in Chilean pesos

Bank name: Banco Santander

Account holder: Universidad de Chile

Account number:: 6564545-9

Rut: 60.910.000-1


IMPORTANT: The complete name of the participant must be indicated in the transaction, also make reference to “CEAC – MASTERCLASS – LEONID GRIN – National Symphony Orchestra of Chile”.


Margarita Barria – Assistant

Telephone: +56 22978 22 03





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