Mozart Great Mass with Maestro Kiesler

IMB Proudly Presents: 29th International Masterclass for Orchestral and Choir Conductors


Masterclass and Final Concert for Orchestral and Choral Conductors

Maestro Kenneth Kiesler (U.S.A)Ken Kiesler 8x10c 0305
Berlin Sinfonietta
Soloists TBA
W. A. Mozart Great Mass in C minor
October 29th – November 4th
Berlin Germany

We are happy to announce our 29th masterclass to be led by GRAMMY®-nominated conductor, Professor Kenneth Kiesler. His visits to Europe invariably provide superb opportunities to learn from his highly regarded and influential approach to the art of conducting. Known worldwide through his years of experience as a choral conductor and choral-music specialist, Maestro Kiesler has selected a program with works exclusively by W. A. Mozart. After the amazing success of the Requiem Masterclass in May 2016, We thought to continue to another challenging program, and this time the Choir and the soloists will  be available to work with participants on three masterpieces of the choral-symphonic repertoire: W.A. Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor, “Ave verum corpus” and the jewel “Exultate, jubilate”. Conductors of whatever level or age are welcome to apply. This masterclass is limited to a maximum of 15 active participants*.  Please note that this masterclass is longer than our usual masterclasses in one day.  Maestro Kiesler asked to add another day of  theory and technical work on the masterclass’s first day..

In addition to intensive active conducting sessions with a professional orchestra, choir and soloists, each one of the participants will have the chance to work with Maestro Kiesler on critical aspects of conducting including score studying, musical analysis, conducting technique and as well as the principles of working with singers. As always, there will be four orchestra rehearsals (4 hours each) with the professional musicians of the Berlin Sinfonietta. There will also three rehearsals with the choir (3 hours each). Be prepared for a very intense masterclass week with practical conducting on each day. Each participant will have the opportunity to conduct in the public concert at the end.


Address: Bernburger Str. 3-5, 1096314721515_1069077163213234_484529085899357940_n
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For this masterclass we are happy to be invited to hold the masterclass week including the final concert in the very intimate St. Lukas Church, in the center of Berlin, (Bernburger Str. 3-5, 10963). The church has great atmosphere and its regular concert visitors. We are thankful that the masterclass’ final concert was inserted to the church’s concert season programs, and expecting many audiences.
(image: Berlin Sinfonietta and English Choir Berlin performing Händel’s Messiah) at the final concert of a masterclass, in front the full St. Lukas Church.)

The course will be taught primarily in English and, secondarily, in German. If you do not speak these languages, and you would like to participate in the masterclass, we will make our best effort to provide a translator. Please draw attention to this in your application. All sessions with the orchestra and the choir will be recorded on video and each participant will receive an individual copy of his videos on a 16GB USB stick. Participants are more than welcome to bring a private recording device.

You are more than welcome to apply here.


 W. A. Mozart  

  • Great Mass in C minor KV 427  Richard Maunder Edition
  • Ave verum corpus in D major KV 618
  • Exultate, jubilate KV 165

The participants must prepare all the repertoire pieces.

The duration and the number of the sessions with the orchestra and the choir that each participant entitled for has increased.
We would like to share that this masterclass requires the bringing together of much bigger musical and logistical forces than our usual masterclasses, like a choir, soloists and more.
Considering the already growing interest in this masterclass,  we, together with Maestro Kiesler, have decided that we will open this masterclass for more active participants together with adding substantial amount of active conducting sessions. Nevertheless, the addition of more active participants will not cause any reduction of the active conducting sessions that each participant entitled for. On the contrary! In this masterclass each one of the participants will enjoy in total, longer time  with the orchestra, the choir and individually with Maestro Kielser in comparison to our usual masterclasses. 



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