55th Competition: the 20 selected candidates!

Preliminaries of the Competition ended on Monday evening in Besançon. Of the 270 registered candidates, 255 candidates competed in the playoffs.
Since April 27th, Catherine Larsen-Maguire and Jorge Rotter, members of the jury, accompanied by two pianists Thomas Palmer and Christophe Manien and Jean-Michel Mathé, director of the Festival, traveled to Berlin, Montreal, Beijing and Besançon to audition all the candidates.
At the end of the deliberations, 20 candidates (including 3 women) from 10 nationalities (including 6 French) were selected to take part in the final rounds in September during the Besançon Music Festival.

  • M. Ivan DEMIDOV, Russia (26 years)
  • M. Ben GLASSBERG, UK (23 years)
  • M. Jordan GUDEFIN, France (28 years)
  • M. Marc HAJJAR, France (33 years) *
  • M. Mario HARTMUTH, Germany (29 years)
  • Mme Wing Wun IP, Hong Kong (31 years)
  • M. Victor JACOB, France (26 years)
  • M. Hee-Beom JEON, South Korea (33 years)
  • Mme Yuwon KIM, South Korea (29 years) *
  • M. Andrew LING, Hong Kong (34 years)
  • M. Gregor MAYRHOFER, Germany(29 years)
  • M. Luigi MAZZOCCHI, Italy (30 years)
  • M. Stefano NIGRO, Italy (26 years)
  • M. Gabriel PHILIPPOT, France (29 years)
  • M. Maxime PITOIS, France (29 years)
  • M. Rui RODRIGUES, Portugal (29 years)
  • M. Ngai Cheung SIT, Hong Kong (28 years)
  • Mme Chloé VAN SOETERSTÈDE, France (28 years)
  • M. Yuan XUE, China (29 years)
  • M. Su-Han YANG, Taiwan (28 years)

* candidates already selected for the 2015 Competition

The twenty selected candidates will be entered into the orchestra rounds to be held in Besançon in September. Only one person can win the Grand Prix !


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