EAMA – Nadia Boulanger Institute Paris, France 01 – 29 Jul, 2018

For conductors, our The EAMA-Nadia Boulanger Institute offers a unified method and approach in which theory and practice are seamlessly integrated. Students study in Paris, France. They apply insights gained from our master teachers’ instruction in harmony, analysis, musicianship, and especially counterpoint to uncover, and then to harness, the potent energies that lie within a skillfully made score. Keener listening, richer understanding and a more highly developed inner ear refresh and elevate each conductor’s technique as a secure foundation is laid for career-long mastery.  

Choosing repertoire in consultation with the program director, students take private lessons and seminars, working with one and two pianos, chorus, and string quartet. The EAMA-Nadia Boulanger Institute’s conducting program is suitable not only for emerging conductors but also for mid-career professionals who are experiencing a hunger for a deeper aural connection with the music they are conducting. Students report quantum improvements after returning to the podium.  

About Mark Shapiro (Director of Conducting)



A testimonial from recent alumnus Aram Demirjian, Music Director, The Knoxville Symphony:

My summer in the EAMA Conducting Program ranks among the most important musical experiences I have ever had. The connection the program forges among all of its various disciplines — conducting, analysis, keyboard harmony, counterpoint — genuinely changed the way I hear and think about music. I still call on that training on a seemingly daily basis in my work….read more

 Click here to see a list of some of our recent alumni

Sample Schedule

Day 1

9-9:45 Musicianship levels 1-4 or Score Reading levels 1-2 (by placement)

11-12:30 Species Counterpoint 1 and 2 or Invertible, Canon & Fugue (by placement) 

2-3:45 CHORALE

4- 6:15 Conducting Seminar

Day 2

11-1 Basic ANALYSIS or Advanced ANALYSIS (for returnees only)

3-4:15 Keyboard Harmony (All levels meet)

4:30-6 Workshops: Counterpoint, Invertible Counterpoint, Keyboard Harmony

4:30-7 Conducting Lessons 

7:30 CONCERTChamber Musicians


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