Music Director Pittsburgh Philharmonic


The Music Director is the artistic supervisor of the Pittsburgh Philharmonic, charged with primary responsibility for the following: training and artistic development of the Philharmonic; conducting the Philharmonic rehearsals and performances; leading Music Advisory Committee for the development of seasonal programs; and playing a visible and active role in the community to develop collaborative working relationships.

In addition, the Music Director is responsible for assisting in the recruitment of Philharmonic members and Philharmonic program participants, and carrying out public relations activities on behalf of the Pittsburgh Philharmonic.

The Music Director reports to the Board of Directors; serves as an ex officio member of the Board and as artistic advisor to the Board and its Committees. The Music Director carries out all required duties in a manner consistent with the policies, procedures, goals and objectives established by the Board of Directors.


  • Coordinates with Librarian on the purchase or rental of scores.
  • Selects works to be performed in conjunction with the Music Advisory Committee; stays abreast of repertoire appropriate to the group; ensures the effective use of all orchestra players; and selects collaborations with other artistic groups and soloists.
  • Auditions and approves players for membership, for principal positions, and for student programs; assists in recruiting new Philharmonic members.
  • Conducts all rehearsals and concerts as agreed by contract, determines the type of rehearsals (sectionals, etc.) required, and supervises the work of any assistant conductors.
  • Exercises leadership in developing the total artistic quality of the orchestra.
  • Collaborates with the Board of Directors in developing long-range artistic plans for the orchestra.


  • Assists the Board of Directors in playing a visible and active role in the community by being available for public appearances; helps develop the overall public image of the orchestra in the community and beyond.
  • Stays abreast of artistic activities in the orchestra field; acts as liaison with music community to develop collaborative working relationships; and recommends new activities that may advance the orchestra’s objectives.
  • Builds relationships with the outside community to enhance awareness, recruit donors and volunteers who can increase fundraising capacity and support the organization.
  • Strengthens the voluntary culture of the orchestra by working with Board members and other volunteers on special projects designed to help the orchestra.
  • Attends Board meetings as possible and provide reports on artistic activities.

Successful candidates:

• Ability to motivate, educate, and elicit the best efforts of the orchestra musicians
• Significant musical talent, and a proven ability to produce a performance experience of the highest caliber
• Substantial knowledge of performance/rehearsal best practices and traditions
• An effective and efficient rehearsal technique that balances attention to technical details with effective communication of overall interpretive goals
• Sensitivity in personal communications with musicians and ability to work with musicians of varying backgrounds and abilities
• Ability to develop imaginative programming ideas that have significance to the orchestra and the community
• Practical knowledge of composition and arranging
• Thorough knowledge of repertoire and network in the music world
• High degree of organization, general administration and communication skills
• Openness to ideas from musicians and others in the field
• Advocacy for the orchestra in the community


• Bachelor’s degree or higher
• Three or more years related experience

Anticipated time commitment of ten-to-fifteen hours per week.

Compensation commensurate with experience.


Application Procedure:

Please send the following materials to by Wednesday July 18, 2018

• Cover letter summarizing your interest in the position
• Resume or CV
• 2 references
• Example of a full season of programming for three concert sets (excluding our usual December holiday-themed concert) using the following parameters:

o 70-person volunteer orchestra
o 90-minute performance sets (7 rehearsals and 2 performances for each set)
o Include the rationale for your programming selections


The application period is open from February 1, 2018 through July 18, 2018. , Candidates who are selected for an initial interview will be notified by July 30, 2018. From those interviews, some candidates will be selected for a second interview with a panel of the Board of Directors. Two finalists will then be selected with each finalist conducting one concert cycle of the Pittsburgh Philharmonic, occurring January-March or March-May 2019. Finalists will be notified by the end of August.




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