Aurora Conducting Masterclasses/Saraste 18 – 26 Aug, 2018

Carrying on the tradition of exciting masterclasses for international conductors started in 2015 with Kurt Masur and 2016 with Leif Segerstam, both times paired with Johannes Gustavsson,

Aurora now offers a new opportunity – masterclasses partnering with Jukka-Pekka Saraste and his LEAD! Program
The master classes takes place during the ongoing Aurora Fine Arts Festival – Stockholm

Orchestra – preliminary
Tjaikovskij – Symphony no 5
Sibelius – Symphony no 1
Schostakovich – Cello concerto
Andrea Tarrodi – Liguria
Sibelius – Finlandia
Tjaikovskij – Violin concerto
Andrea Tarrodi – Lucioles
Rossini – W.Tell Ouverture.

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Become an integral part of a performing arts community of which many of the world’s most important performers are also members.


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