Music Director Wellington Wind Symphony

Wellington Wind Symphony is a 45-piece wind ensemble, formed in 1981. While not professional, the WWS has endeavoured to attract the best players from the area in order to play and perform the very best wind music available at the highest possible level. While the group attempts to program a variety of music including vocal and instrumental soloists, band selections and orchestral transcriptions, the emphasis has always been on performing music that is challenging, satisfying and rewarding for both the audience and the players.


The role of the Wellington Wind Symphony music director is diverse, including but not limited to the following areas:

Artistic: The music director drives the group’s artistic decisions and activities, including programming, guest artist selection, and special projects while respecting the artistic vision of the group. The music director also serves as principal conductor for at least three quarters of each season’s programming, conducting rehearsals, concerts and special events.

Administrative: The music director makes artistic decisions within a set financial framework and provides regular support to building the profile of the group within the community. The music director will serve on the board of directors as a voting member; plan and announce rehearsal schedules to maximize efficiency and productivity; be involved in personnel decisions including seating, solos, incompatibilities and attendance issues; work with the personnel manager and section leaders to find players as required; assist the librarian with acquiring music and ensuring its delivery to players in a timely manner; and be responsible for contracting with soloists and guest conductors as required.

Community: The music director participates in community engagement and outreach initiatives. The music director is committed to raising the profile of the group, expanding its audience and ensuring its ongoing sustainability and participates in fund-raising initiatives as required.

As the successful candidate for the role of Wellington Wind Symphony’s music director, you possess a commitment to the following:

Exceptional musicality: You are committed to a culture of consistent artistic excellence. You are truly an exceptional musician and conductor and have a proven track record and qualifications in band/orchestral leadership. You possess the ability to interpret and lead in a variety of musical styles, supported by your excellent conducting technique, visionary leadership skills, and comprehensive knowledge of musical ensembles, instruments and repertoire.

Stewardship: You are able to lead and collaborate with musicians to ensure that the group continues to maintain and increase its level of artistic excellence. You will conduct quality performances of a broad variety of repertoire, embrace challenging works, encourage stylistic flexibility and nuance, and continue to sharpen the skills of individual musicians and the ensemble as a whole. You are committed to providing a positive experience for all musicians, treating them with fairness, respect and collegiality.

Audience Engagement: You are a passionate and compelling musical communicator and interpreter, willing and able to engage publicly and personally with audiences. You are able to relate both to new and experienced listeners and you will speak regularly from the stage to enhance the audience’s musical experience.

Diverse, exciting programming: You will serve as the primary decision maker for programming of repertoire, selection of soloists and concert details. Your programming decisions will balance risk-taking and audience preferences with the artistic vision and musical skills of the ensemble within a specified financial framework and be able to sustain musical creativity within the group’s instrumentation.

Relevant education and experience: You possess a degree in music and appropriate experience as a conductor.

If you are interested in learning more about this position and/or submitting an application, please contact WWS Board member Nancy Anderson by email at:

Wellington Wind Symphony
31 Arthur Street North
Elmira, ON N3B 1Z6


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